"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


..neck veins a poppin' and everything!

Diane and i just watched another documentary about 9/11.. this one was called "the conspiracy theory". i knew there were many rumors circulating out there accusing our government of planning and implementing the whole 9/11 tragedy.. but i feel a bit naive because i didn't know there were such LARGE groups of people who now spend their lives fighting to promote those rumors they consider " their theories..".

they are accusing our government of not only setting up this elaborate fabrication but then "covering their tracks" up as well.. "to make it look like there WERE terrorists.. when in fact, those guys who supposedly flew the planes were actually government agents" it's a whole freaking bowel movement!


hey~ i didn't know building 7 fell into itself around 5pm that fateful day.. the conspirisists [did i just make up that word?] were saying there was evidence in that building of detailed plans involving the FBI and CIA on the planning of 9/11 so [the government] planted explosive devices in that building to blow it up to get rid of what was on the computers..

blah blah blah..

anyway, there's not really a point in me writing about all the conspiracy details, those are just a few. the real point i am trying to make is that as they were showing video clips of these "conspirisists", there were people with signs and banners and pictures totally enraged to the point of the veins poppin outta their necks as they screamed at the media that they KNOW it was a plot.. etc etc etc...

i mean, all red faced and shit.. pumping their arms in the air, angry, cussing, and it looked like they were gonna explode they were so hyped up! and some of them said the most stupid shit on a podium to a crowd, like [in the New York City accent of course].. "don't tell me doze towers cudda fallen on dere own, i KNOW buildings and dey are built to witstand trauma.. i say doze planes were flown into dem buildings.. operated by computers.. yeah, like on autopilot.. ya cant fool me.. I'm in da construction bizness".

hokay fella. it's obvious no one can pull da wool ovah yo' eyes.. you are way too bright for dat!

i have some land in Florida I'd like to sell ya... it has a built in pool and everything..

it was at this point i turned to Diane and said, BABE. if we had all that neck vein popping energy, we could clean the whole house in an hour, have wildcat sex on the coffee table, mow all our neighbors' lawns... and erect a small church, too! and we busted out laughing our asses off.

it was unreal. these people travel all over the world trying to inflict their unproven conspiracy beliefs on the rest of us.. trying to "gather" people for their I'm sorry but bowel movement and frankly, i would think they could use all that energy to do something that would actually be productive..

in my opinion this movement is a dishonor to those who died that day.. and their families left behind. this group of people are saying  [our government] killed them on PURPOSE.. to prove that Bush was right on target when he said Al Qaeda was out to get us.

what a crock.

that's SO antigovernmentalism [think i made that one up, too] if I've ever seen it. why hide behind a national travesty to promote their movement... just come right out and say they are against the American way~ that THEIR way is the ONLY way.. oh and take that Quran burning preacher with ya and leave the country.. have a good flight... and go live in a hut made out of rotted shit in a very hot place.. you can then have all the movements your hearts desire..

and build a guest house for the in~laws, too.




ChiTown Girl said...

Sweetheart, I wish you would learn to open up a little more, and tell us how you really feel about things, instead of holding back so much.... ;-)

Tracey Axnick said...

Those same people think George Bush was on the coast of Louisiana, right before Hurricane Katrina hit, wearing a wizards cat and conjouring up some VooDoo spell....

People are NUTS!

PS: I laughed out loud reading your New York accent... I lived in NYC for a year and a half and you hit it right on the head. I can even PICTURE the guy.... slicked back hair, wearing a dirty wife-beater shirt, gold chains around the neck (gotta have that bling!)...

I love NYC though! No place like it!

Tracey Axnick said...

*wizards "cap" (not cat).... although a wizards cat may come in handy when conjouring up a Hurricane spell....

Maria said...

I try to avoid any show that makes me angry. I do have anger for those people who are so against the building of a mosque on ground zero. I wonder sometimes why we all can't just get along. We are a melting pot, yes....but geez louise.

jo.irish.rose said...

yup, i pictured "i love black underwears" joe jr. when you did the accent.....lmao....and i was just standing there and my foot slipped right in! who told!! (these are all joe jr. lines from the movie, while you were sleeping, lest you all think i'm crazy!)

Technodoll said...

Bush bashing - heeeee!

Well he deserves every bit of it that warmongering monkey.

I'm all for conspiracies, cuz if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and craps like a duck... it's probably the gov'ment who did it :-D

Truth is we'll never know what really happened.

Sad, eh? :-/

Now pass me some o'that vein therapy... lol