"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


sicK and tiRed.

(warning: fowl language and anger used generously in the following post. however, you will be glad to hear no nails were bitten during this rage).

Gandhi said "you can judge the standards of a society by the way in which they treat their animals."

i wasn't going to say anything about some of the current news on TV but against my own will i need to vent~

hang on, here we gooooo~

i watched the news tonight- BIG mistake.

i am SO frustrated with parents who murder their kids, get arrested and then just won't talk... their silence holds the truth and we spend how many millions of dollars supporting them in jails and providing for their well being, then put them through pre-trials, trials, then appeals... oh god it makes me sick. we must tip toe carefully through the tulips as we don't want to infringe on any of their rights... let's kiss their asses and offer them deals...

there's Casey Anthony whom we all suspect killed her 3 year old daughter Caylee, then partied heavily whilst trying to convince everyone she was searching for her daughter.. 2 years later she still hasn't gone to trial... and she wont talk about what really happened.

now there's Terri Hormon who either kidnapped or killed her 7 year old step son Kyron Hormon.. the three month old search for this little boy has not turned up anything, yet she was the last one to see him alive and all fingers are pointing to her. Kyron's mother was on TV tonight begging for Terri to disclose what she knows. but she wont talk, either. 

little Hayleigh Cummings is presumed dead but the 3 scumbags involved won't tell the truth so they sit in jail receiving 3 square meals a day, health care, air conditioning, and a bank account to buy special items they desire from the prison store. they receive donations from anonymous sympathizers who want to get in on the attention.

meanwhile, those little children are missing and no one involved will talk. there are so many more stories like these but those 3 examples just came to my mind. WTF is wrong with our justice system? why cant they MAKE the scumbags talk and save society time, energy, heartbreak, and money.

we have homeless people on our streets who don't have health care, shelter, or food... but the dirt bags who have killed a child get better treatment cuz they LIVE IN JAIL. I'm not suggesting torturous maneuvers like at Git-Mo.. but give them each an injection of Sodium Pentothal (known as truth serum used for anesthesia.) and the truth will flow from their lips like a cool babbling spring on a summer's day... enough of this bullshit of "treating them with kidd gloves"... they didn't care a thing about how they treated their victims. they don't deserve any respect now as they await trial.

and I'm not saying our society should adopt "an eye for an eye" philosophy... but for Pete's sake don't let them just sit in jail while the families die a million deaths every day they don't know what happened to their baby. have some mercy on the victim's families.. stop letting the criminals get away with these games they are playing. hold them accountable for their actions and MAKE THEM TALK.

i am SO frustrated with this all. news cast after news cast is spent on these bottom feeders of society, portraying them as "troubled" ... the media makes money off them at our expense, because their cares come out of our tax dollars. we can't even fix the many pot holes here in my city that's caused me to have to buy 2 new tires in 4 months time on a new car... yet these dirt bags are living the comfortable life in our prisons.

I'd rather fill the pot holes.

and another thing whilst i am at the proverbial podium~ let's do our medical research testing on the deviates who fill our prisons and get something worthwhile out of their existence rather than the free ride they continue to receive in prison. stop using innocent animals who suffer needlessly and have no words~ use the bastard human animals who will rot in jail before they get ever out. they lost their position in society when they chose to commit vicious acts of torture and murder. they can't be rehabilitated, their vile is in their blood... so put them to good use..

i am just sick and tired of the unfairness we have in our country. oh and lookie here at Paris Hilton's recent little adventure. she was caught with cocaine in her handbag and she states "i was holding it for a friend"... yeah, who? Lindsey Lohan? come on.. you and i would get the book thrown at us if we had cocaine in our purse... and Lindsey Lohan's brief stint in jail was a farce, after being sentenced to 3 months she was out in a few days to go to rehab and what? oh my... she got out of that too, shortly after.

the media is saying Paris may get up to 4 years for this recent crime but I'll bet you she spends no longer than a few days in jail.. she'll get her manicured lil hands tapped ever so gently... why? because   M.O.N.E.Y.  and   P.O.W.E.R.  RULE... not justice, nor fairness, but MONEY and POWER.. and for those of us who have little or none of that, we'd be fucked, peeps.... FUCKED. they would make examples out of us for having cocaine in our purse that we were HOLDING for a friend.

i don't have any faith that our judicial system will improve, in fact i predict it will only get worse.. our prisons are bulging at the seams now.. there will come a time when those in charge will start releasing the least dangerous of the criminals just to make room... isn't there an island somewhere that pedophiles could be placed on to fend for themselves...? 

it really scares me because i have 4 kids and one grandson who will have to cope with our declining democracy because we have to protect those precious human rights of the murderers, pedophiles, and other waste we call people.. even though they didn't consider their victim's human rights when they took their lives.

the tables are turning peeps, where the majority of honest, hard working, good people are slowly becoming the minority, in my opinion.. and that's not a good thing.

i know one lil lesbian with a gimpy arm ranting on her blog late at night isn't going to change or fix what's wrong with our country.. but i think as a society we have been too lenient on those who offend.. look at Japan, there is virtually no crime on their streets as their punishments are severe enough to scare their would be criminals. in our country people who commit crime just don't fucking care what happens to them. what's the worse that's going to happen? they get to live rent free in prison. most can find ways to get any accommodations or needs met that they wish and will probably live better lives in jail than where they came from.

i think i need a valium.

the government is so fake in what it says it does and what it actually does.. all the secrets they hold... all the conniving behind closed doors and money spent on shit that doesn't even matter... and the big businesses are right up there with them... corporate America should be called crooked America. and there's no place to go.. no where to get out of the insanity... "stop the world, i wanna get off..."

i think i also need a stiff drink.

i am just sick of it. all of it. use the fucking Sodium Pentothal on those who wont speak when it involves a murder and let the cookies crumble where they may, i say. get it over with. do the right thing so we can find the missing children. and lessen the agony of our society while it succumbs to watching helplessly as money and power not only rule.. but is becoming the norm.

now that i have solved all of the world's problems... give me my blankie~ and my special pillow~ and my stuffed dinosaur cuz i gots to go nite-nite..

sweet dreams my friends... tomorrow is another day. this is just a nightmare and you WILL wake up soon..

do i smell coffee....?



Anonymous said...

Of course you're having trouble sleeping - no more news for you before bedtime! Too many upsetting and heart-breaking stories. I know how you feel.

Btw, any word on your blood test results?

ChiTown Girl said...

Girl, you need to have your own show, on tv or radio, or SOMEWHERE!! I sat here reading, looking like a bobble-head doll of myself! I couldn't stop nodding in agreement, and yelling out an ocassional "AMEN!" You're dead on with ALL of this!

Anonymous said...

Hey, keep the TV off at night ok? Read a good book, listen to music, crochet but don't listen to the news.

I'm right with you though. In the US we live in a society that almost encourages people to do criminal acts and they're the ones that end up looking like the victims instead of the real victims. Geez, in Singapore you can go to jail for chewing gum!! (because they want to keep their sidewalks clean and free of gum globs). We are definitely screwed up.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I am for an EYE for AN EYE. Forizzle.

So many people are walking the streets...and they should be locked up TIGHT.

coach had that on his (anye4anye) vanity plate back in the day.
live it, right?

Dysfunctional Mom said...

A freaking MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's almost spooky the way you and I see eye to eye on pretty much every subject.
That bitch Misty Cummings lives just one county over from me. I wish I could get my hands on her.