"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.



i saw my primary doc today and had labs drawn, so i wont have those results until Monday. but he seems to think i am doing well for all that i have been through this year. he said i should write a book.. lol.

earlier this afternoon when i was out and about running errands, the military base here was practicing for the air show this weekend. i went a few times when the kids were little but it was so freaking hot and loud we couldn't stay long. the reflective heat from the tarmac made it hotter than any where else in the city. we will be in the pool watching them from our floaties tomorrow.. hee hee maybe I'll even flash them!


but i want to say this.. when the jets were practicing today and flew very low overhead.. i was mesmerized. there were 3 jets in unison forming a V then out of nowhere came 2 more and pulled right into the V just as smoothly as if someone glued them in place. they were flying so closely side by side that one lil whisper of a mistake would prolly kill all of them.. it was so amazing and when i see stuff like that, i start crying like a baby because it is so beautiful, so majestic, and i fill up with so much pride for the pilots that it humbles me, right to tears. it's a very emotional thing for me to observe. they have my deepest admiration and i pray to god he keep them safe always. what they do to put on the air show is breathtaking and very dangerous. yet it doesn't even compare to what they would have to do in a war zone. they must have SO much courage to take risks like that. the 5 of them flew loop dee loops, then straight up formed a huge circle with trailing smoke, then headed for the ground, and pulled up just in the nick of time. i was so humbled. and these were only a few of the jets and the maneuvers they will be doing this weekend. it made me feel like the barriers i worry about every day due to my injuries are so miniscule compared to what pilots must face to achieve the skills to fly like that.. it left me speechless. i know i keep saying that.. but i was just in A.W.E.


Christopher came home later this afternoon, did some laundry, and had dinner with us. [sorry TD i didn't snap a photo of the ho'made pizza].. just like old times, we watched family guy before Diane took him back to the dorm. this episode had stewie and Brian looking around a college campus as meg applied for admissions, when stewie suddenly said "I'm gonna join "I Felta Thi" bwahahaha! we laughed so hard at that! i miss him so much, but at the same time it feels so right that he is doing what he is doing. and I'm proud of him.


my son Alex who still lives here with us, applied for a full time position today where he works, and i hope he gets it. he and my oldest work for the same company so they get to have lunch alot, which really pleases my heart.

my daughter Emily started back to school wed. she will graduate next may. Diane and i are watching Julian for her.. it's part time but we really love having him here. he will start pre-school in another week and we'll be transporting him. he played in the pool with Diane and my nephew who came by [he's 19] so he had a very fun filled day.


today was my last day of physical therapy. i do not have full range of motion in my left arm, it still hurts where the break was but not as much, and it's very weak. the therapist took measurements today to send to the doc and the functions of my injured arm are less than half of my right arm. LESS THAN HALF. i am now worried that i wont be able to return to my previous scope of nursing. i can't be working with babies if my arm is not stable or strong. i don't know if i will be able to perform patient care at all and i am very sad about that. but i AM staying positive and still trusting that God has something good planned for me to do, when this is all said and done.

goodnight peeps....




ChiTown Girl said...

I LOVE the Stewie pictures!! I bought my brother a magnet with the one that says 'wipe my butt.'

Busy Bee Suz said...

I am glad you are staying positive!!!!
Air shows scare the poop out of me!
take care, Suz

Jude said...

Sounds like things are settling down for you...bout time. Sorry to hear about your ROM on your arm though. Maybe over time it will continue to improve.
I love air shows! Mrs J and I have been to many and are always amazed at the maneuvers they do going so fast.
Have a great weekend!

jo.irish.rose said...

hey!!! thanks for me decorated blog! i love it! and of course your pic and di's...you had to put in too! very cute pics of pups and baby's and just all of it! thanks your the best. you always fix all my boo boos!

and i loooooove air shows too. we always go to all of them too. we didnt go this last year here cuz dad was really bad, but normally we do. the blue angels were here. but we live so close, we can see them fly from our house. we live in the flight pattern.

well, glad your having fun with the boys...all of them. give them hugs and smoochies from me.

Dysfunctional Mom said...

I'm so glad you had such a wonderful day!

Tracey Axnick said...

Sounds like things are looking up... glad you're having some good family time.

I totally "get" you with the airshow thing. My dad was career military (Air Force) so I grew up around air shows and to this day, seeing fighter jets (especially flying in formation and all that) leaves a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye..
We always fly the American flag too. This country has its share of problems, but I wouldn't live ANYWHERE else on the planet. (Can you hear the Lee Greenwood in the background? HA!! Kidding... )

I love that Family Guy episode (I love almost ALL of them!). Stewie and Brian are my faves... hilarious!

Technodoll said...

Love Family Guy and American Dad even more - what can I say, I refuse to grow up :-D

I'm glad you had a private air show, it's these little moments of happiness that make it all worthwhile - that, and pizza and good news from the doctor (that's coming tomorrow)!!

hugs hun!