"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.



pEEves- i haVe me sOme...

 1. my sister Joanne took me on base to shop and of course the sentry guard had to stop us so she could show her I.D. there was a huge road barrier to drive over just before the gate that could have bottomed out my car if i were to go too fast trying to get onto the base illegally. plus, the guards have guns on their shoulders... a cop car that sits waiting, and a cannon type thingy near the gate. once past the gate, i could see in the road there was a huge metal barrier wall ready to be raised to stop any intruders from getting through.. and if perchance they did, a few feet in front of that was one of those strips ready to be raised that rip your tires up. it put me in a state of awareness of how real the threat of terrorism is even in my lil corner of the world. i see it on TV and read it in the newspapers but somehow i disassociate the reality that it could happen here, in this small Midwest town. but the possibility is real or they wouldn't have to go to such lengths to protect the base. it put me in a state of awe and pride, that i live in America and there are real efforts made to keep us safe. of course i know damn well if anything WERE to happen, i, a mere civilian unknown to the military, would totally be on my own outside the confines of the base and underground safety tunnels and me and my family would be screwed.

2. most of you know i bought a new car last summer, right? it pisses me off to NO end to find scratches on my car made by grocery carts some asshole let run into it, just inches away from the cart return... or some careless freak slam their car door hitting mine and leaving a dent. i have several of these "proof there are careless insensitive assholes" living in Nebraska who must take real pleasure "hittin' and runnin" my vehicle. bastards all of them.

3. our sister Denise who lives here too, is our middle sister. she is so jealous of any time Jo and i spend together that she calls consistently as she has to know every little thing we are doing in her absence. we included her in everything we did because we know she feels left out if we don't. Jo spent a few days at her house and all Denise did was bitch about me, how i live, about my kids, how i spend my money- OHMYGOD, she bitched about everything, and made judgments about everyone in my family. just so we could all be together, i had Denise and her MIL over almost every night for dinner the past 2 weeks because i love to feed people & i wanted us all to be together. did she reciprocate? once, it was on the world cup final day and jo and i had to do the cooking. it was a palaver. i am hurt that she is so hypocritical, judgmental, and selfish. she talks about Joanne to me behind her back and about me to jo behind my back. why do people, specially family, have to be like that..

well, those are my 3 top peeves as of today... i hope you enjoy them... ;)

Jo leaves this coming Friday and i don't want her to go. it is so nice having her here and i will miss her more than i can say.

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ChiTown Girl said...

I'm sorry your sister is such an insecure person that she must lash out at those around her.

It's awesome that you've had so much time together with Jo. Savor these last few days!

I hope you've been feeling better these days. :)

Clippy Mat said...

hey there;
i've just had me a good read and caught up on all of your news. sorry i've not been around for a while but this catch up was so entertaining. got me through me morning cuppa.
you're always in good form.
sorry about the peeves with the peeps. never mind, they must love you because they always want to spend time with ya.

Busy Bee Suz said...

You won't ever change your sister, so don't worry about her anymore. That will just irk her. :)
I got a new car a few months ago, and it only took a week and a half for some bozo to chip the paint with their door. Pisses me off too.

Maria said...

I am always acutely aware of where we live. And from a technical standpoint, our base would be the perfect terrorist target because of it's middle America location. Success in attacking that would put real terror into American hearts.

So, yes...I am very glad that it is so well protected.

And ugh...sister gossip. No way around it, just have to go through the center of it.

Tracey Axnick said...

I'm so sorry about your sister. It irks me when people are mean spirited and gossipy too... and then when it is your sister, it's even worse. :( Just try to ignore it as much as you can... after all, there's nothing you can do to change her. She has to WANT to change, and it sounds like she doesn't.

And you're right about the terrorism thing. I think we are all lulled into a false sense of security, but there are more than a handful of people out there who would love to do us harm.... it's a scary thought. I don't dwell on it (because then the terrorists "win"), but it is real.