"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.



i waited and waited all day for the doc's office to return my call. they didn't. i called again and they were closed. i don't feel bad enough to go to the ER tonight and run another huge bill up. the Vicodin Joanne is giving me are helping take the edge off. so now I'm faced with a small dilemma... Jo leaves at 6am Friday and if the doc can see me tomorrow (Thurs) of course she will come with me but i really don't want our last day together to be spent at the hospital. of course if that's how it plays out i will go, it's just that the timing really sucks.

i think there is an alien in ma belly... not jello as previously thought. why do i think that, you ask? well, cuz i think i felt a heart beat in the vicinity. of course it could be my own aorta but i am leaning towards the alien. weird things have been coming out of my mouth lately such as never before heard of cuss words, baby talk that even i cant decipher, and meowing. yep, meowing with a French accent!does that sound alienish to you? sometimes at night my eyes glow green in the dark and i have been craving boiled peanuts. and i have been drawing clowns on everyone's shoes with permanent marker. that's just not like me. i HATE clowns.

so, hopefully i will soon discover exactly WHAT is inside me... jello or an alien. well, i DID swallow a watermelon seed so maybe that's what's growing in there- a frikking watermelon. if you had to vote, which would you chose?


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ChiTown Girl said...

Lately, I don't know whether to laugh or cry when I check in over here. WTF is going on over there!? I hope things work out ok, but shit, girl, you have me worried!!!