"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


when i was little and a few times when my dad was around he took me to the airport to watch planes land and take off. it's ironic that i have a fear of flying yet my desire to be on a plane headed ANYWHERE was and still is SO strong. [whoa Barbie, these lil feetsies of mine do NOT leave solid ground ever never ever]. [nope, never]. [my tummbley is rummbley right now even just thinking about flying- it gives me the...  erm, never mind].

henceforth, therewith, and fourscore- David [ex-hubb] and i took Nicholas and Emily to the airport here in Omaha when they were little to watch planes land and take off. they were in awe and couldn't understand how the huge planes stayed up in the air. the same question i had as a girl, and still have as an almost senior citizen! [ohmygod when i hear the words "senior citizen" all i can think of is that horrible commercial...

"a-l-l   s-e-n-i-o-r   c-i-t-i-z-e-n-s

s-h-o-u-l-d   h-a-v-e   l-i-f-e  


[i wish no harm to that old lady but i could just slap her]..

i am not savvy on the bio-physio-chemico-hokey pokey of science to even begin to understand the aero dominoes dynamics of gravity or who holds up da planes... but the kids were in awe just as i was. some things never change even with the passing of time... eh?

to this day, i could have me a tomato sandwich in one hand and an iced tea in the other... and just sit down on a comfy blanket right near the flight line to watch those big birds PhotobucketPhotobucket land and take off! i could watch for hours... or until i needed dessert.

we live right near Offutt Air Base and i have many times pulled off to the side of the road enjoying me M&M's and Aquafina, feeling those tingly bubbles in my gut as the military & president's planes pass over. it makes me wanna stick me arm out the window and pretend to pull the horn like you do with truck drivers... but even silly me knows they cant see my fluffy chubby arm from waaay up there cuz from up there it would look like a Q-tip waving..

[speaking of truck drivers i showed one my boobies once. yep i did. i pulled up me shirt and pressed them right up against the car window on the passenger side. boy did that trucker yank on his horn at me!!! best 10 seconds i evah spent].

wha? don't judge me... you KNOW you've always wanted to do that back in the wild years... [specially whenst they stare down into your car as you pass them... and they have that drooly look in their eyes like they are hornier than a hound dog owned by Elvis... and you KNOW that aside from some hand jobbies at the local truck stops, they haven't had any nookie in quite awhile... unless they had a visit from trucker hookers... but hey! that's a WHOLE other story].

and I'm trying to talk about airplanes here... quit distracting me... and making me talk about other things...

anyWHOOOOO... i was sayin, that.... umm... hmmmm.. OH! oh yeah- erm, i think I've already said all i have to say about planes.

at least for now.


oNe reasOn i am scared of flying..


tWo reasOns i LERVE watching the big birds PhotobucketPhotobucket land and take off!


thEy aRe maJesTic....

siMply maJesTic.


P.S. ..but how DO those planes stay up in the air? Does God have cloud colored strings to control them? or are there invisible angels holding them up? if so, WTF happens when a plane crashes..? oh, i KNOW- one of the angels sneezes causing a chain reaction of sneezes thereby which they all have to blow their noses and down she goes....

I'm so glad i figured it out on me own.


La Roo said...

The wings are flapping real hard like a hummingbird and you just don't see it.

That corgi :) said...

I'm with you, C, I love watching planes taking off and landing, but I absolutely am so afraid of flying, hence, that's why we drove 20 hours to get to our last vacation spot rather than take a 3-hour flight. I'm like you. The thought of it makes me all rumbly tummly for sure!! They say they are safe, but.....I think it is a control thing for me, I like to be the one behind the driver's seat thank you very much, LOL

cute about your flashing to the truck driver, must have made his day indeed!


Technodoll said...

LOL you are the cookiest (silliest, in a good way!) woman that I know! It's like being there with you all the way! :-D

Planes, meh you're not missing much, air travel just sucks unless you're in first class and you know that never happens! LOL