"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


it has definitely been a long week for this Chiclet. I'm candy coated and come in several flavors... evil laugh included. Photobucketi went to the internist today, and i really like him. he smelled so good.. i told him the whole story of my fall, the loss of health insurance and stuff i am sure he didn't even wanna know. like how to take an elephant grocery shopping.

he changed my medications to generic ones so i could afford them. he also gave me 2 bags of free samples to get me started. i am going to continue seeing him if and when i ever go back to work. he is a keeper.

he also did blood work and ordered a stress echocardiogram as i informed him i feel pressure in my chest on exertion sometimes. we'll see what that shows.. maybe there are tiny dancing monkeys in there playing the conga's which just FEELS like pressure in my chest.

when i came home, it was stifling hOt. how hOt was it... you ask?? well, i just told you, silly.. stifling hOt. it felt like i walked into a huge, hOt oven and was baking right there on the rack right next to the muffins.

they were sweatin' to the oldies and so was i. we both wanted out but only i escaped. and then i did something really horribly terribly selfish and very very naughty... when the muffins were done, i ate some. and they were yummy.

so i got in the pool on my cutesy flower floatie and basked in the sun. i baked out there too. my daughter and grandson and nephew came over to swim. this is jujube jumping in the pool trying to tag the beach ball.


he loves the pool and we love having him here. he is not afraid of anything. he even does cannon balls and belly "superman's" as he calls them. tomorrow it is supposed to be even hotter, and you peeps KNOW where i will be!

Diane will join us after the world cup soccer match. she hasn't missed any so far.

Photobucketi think she has a lil addiction problem goin on here... she watches tennis, too... so she'll flip the station to soccer then to tennis then back to soccer then back to tennis and repeats this pattern until they are both fini. our home vacillates between the buzzing of the vuvuzelas and the UH! OOOH! and AHH! of the tennis audience. its a good thing i love her or she'd simply just have to go.. 

this afternoon after everyone left, we decided to go downtown for The Omaha Summer Art's Festival- 015   

but first we went to the Indian Oven for a bite to eat. we each ordered an appetizer rather than a full meal, as it was too hot and we wanted summit light. damn, it was delicious.

i had the Mulligatawny soup with Naan bread, and Diane had Spinach Pakoras with Mint Chutney.. which is spinach fried in chickpea batter. we shared an order of fried sweet potatoes with Indian lime salt and Tamarind sauce [to die for].. we moaned in delight with nearly every bite! I'm sure the people around us thought summit else was goin' on in our booth.

after our tummies were filled with the yummies, we walked over to the festival, just like we do every year. it's all free to the public. the food aromas are sinfully seductive, even when you're full they always have a good band playing, and the lil craft booths with their hand made wares are such fun to browse.


i always try to get a cute lil pair of sterling earrings.. something unique, ya know, different... one of a kind, ya know, summit no one else has... yeah.. but i didn't find any tonight.

once we got there, i was feeling that tightness in my chest and just didn't feel well, so my darling wife walked 6 blocks over to get the car and picked me up. she's SO good to moi. we came home and watched some T.V. i feel ok now. we plan on going back down tomorrow evening if i feel up to it. i need to get my earrings...

my sister took a lil vaycay today to see her friend as she does anally annually and was late arriving there because once she arrived in St. Paul, Minn. they were having an outbreak of tornadoes and she and my niece had to pull off the interstate because she couldn't see to drive and part of the interstate was flooding.

it took them over 3 hours to drive what usually takes 30-40 minutes once she arrived. my youngest sister in N.C. was also having severe weather this evening. we are supposed to get storms on Sunday. Photobucketwell, goodnight my friends.. sleep well- it's WEEKEND!!!




Jude said...

the day IN the pool, sounds like the right thing to do.

glad you found a doc that you like and that he gave you a nice bag of samples...i like it when they do that too.

and kick those monkeys out of your house!

have a great weekend!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Your new Dr. Sounds great!!!!
Love that the grandson was playing in the pool with you...that is a wonderful thing.
Hope the dancing monkies leave you alone...perhaps if you were not so friendly and accomodating to them, they will move away!!!!

take care, Suz

ChiTown Girl said...

Congrats on finding a keeper of a doctor. That is NOT an easy thing to do!

Sorry about the barrel of monkeys, though. I hope Doc figures out how to evict them soon.

It made me smile to read that your daughter and grandson came over to swim. I hope that means things have taken a turn for the better between you two.

I hope you feel well enough to go looking for earrings tomorrow. Then, you need to post a picture of them, so we can see what you found. :)

Jason, as himself said...

Sounds like a wonderful time, but this chest tightness concerns me. Stay on that!

Have a great weekend.

That corgi :) said...

that doctor sounds like a gem; glad he was able to help you with your meds so you can continue taking them. also good to get the echocardiogram if you were having those symptoms. that street fair looked like fun! not sure I could have tolerated it with the heat,though!! but glad you do have the pool to help stay cool (geesh I made a rhyme :)


dont eat the token said...

yay for your new Dr!
I enjoy a good art festival too. I went to 2 recently and have had my fill of the crowds. Saw a few artists that were amazing though.

Cute pics of your wife and puppy!