"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.



i just read a page on the internet that i think is worth sharing with ya'll. [you're welcomed.. you KNOW i loves ya]

*don't worry my peeps, this does NOT have any animal info, it's just about skittles and Doritos.*

to read it, just click on this link;

what EXACTLY is in the foods we eat, hmmm?

i plan on picking up this series of books called "Eat This, Not That".... "Drink This, Not That"... but not to initiate a diet of any kind, it's to change how and what i eat as a lifestyle change. because i don't want to have to take my mind off the food item i am eating because if i don't it will gag me. as time goes on i find myself gagging easily over foods i have been a longtime fan of, like s'not hot dogs, blowme bologna, hamburglers, snausages and the like. even eggs.

because it gags me to discover what is really in them. maybe i always knew in the back of my mind but i seem to be more aware now. i wish i would of had this kind of information & awareness in my youth, maybe i would of made life changes then and be healthier now as a result.

also, some of the foods i have thought were on the healthy or "good" side are turning out to be quite the opposite. i am not on any diet as i no longer believe in them. they gave me temporary control over my intake until one day i would just snap and go all hog wild on foods I'd been avoiding. i ALWAYS ended up putting what I'd so diligently lost back on, plus a few clingons as well.

i arrived at the conclusion where i realized diets will never work for me, i have been on them all. they are like putting a band aid over my problem [which is simply that i LERVE to cook and eat what i want and as much as i want... i KNOW  Freud would have a field day with my psyche but i know where it comes from and why... and guess what? i love myself despite the damages made in my childhood] and hoping it's healed when the band aid comes off.

for me, when i pulled the band aid off i was still left with a deep unhealed wound. over and over and over again. to think of the time and energy and willpower that i wasted on diets for most of my life... well.... it makes me fart.

unfortunately i am not one of those who has a hyper "i can eat anything i want & not gain an ounce" kind of metabolism. mine is more of " i can just THINK about food and i gain weight". 

whattya do... ?


i do try to cook and eat healthy. this does not mean, i repeat... DOES NOT MEAN i don't indulge in desserts, candies, or chocolate. i often do, but i am very persnickety on what treats i do eat. i want them to be worth the calories i accept by eating them and allowing them to die happily within me.

one example is my chocolate... i only like Hershey's brand... i will never eat that fake crap that comes out at the holidays that taste like plastic.. i DO have my standards and just because i might be a chocoholic doesn't mean i will stoop to eating any old thing that's brown & CLAIMS it is chocolate. there are many bad imposters out there!

same for my candy, there are a few i really really like and will eat them when i have a sweet tooth. i cant bring myself to buy that large bag 'a junk that has those assortments of never before seen Halloween assortment crap that you only see at the holidays...

i am a true believer that some where in this world there is a factory that collects the leftovers from name brand candy manufacturers, melts them all together in one big kettle and renames the resulting product "this or that" or "now and later" or "whatchamacallit"..

there's a good reason they name them like that, because they add so much shit in the batch they forget what they threw in and consequently come up with those "new age" names to seduce the public into thinking we are eating some brand new candy that's never been made before.

little do we know it's been scraped off name brand candy shop floors along with spidey legs, hairs of the day, rolled up and thrown on the floor booggers, possibly pubes that fell outta someone's pants leg, and mice debris... then happily incorporated into a brand new candy!!!  yum yum.

and bread... ok, i wasn't gonna go there but lemme tell you about me and bread. [yes, we are a couple].. i can no longer eat those store brand or worse yet no name loaves that are 10 for a dollah... i NEED good crusty Italian or French or some form of artisan bread... i do like the healthy grains too.

so if i am going to make a yummy sandwich, or bread to go with a meal, or toast.. it best be made of ingredients that meet my standards or nuttin goes down the hole, know what i mean, Vern?? huh? huh?

ya know, even back in the day when the kiddies and i were on food stamps, i had high food standards and we ate well. i bought only lean meats [NEVER those rolled up tubes of ground beef.. yeah, what parts of a beef are really in there?] and i made everything home made [still do] and used good ingredients. it is actually cheaper than buying pre-made foods or frozen dinners and taste so much bettah!

i am 54 years old [but i look 24].. that means i have at least 50 years of food history that i can remember. when i was growing up my mother used food as both punishment AND reward [but mostly punishment], so is it any wonder it had more value and effect on my life than it should of? most people eat to live. i learned at quite an early age to live to eat.

it was my ONLY source of love and comfort. it all depended on her mood. she always called me fat names even when i wasn't fat. so she would let my siblings have hot chocolate and chips and treats but then tell me no because i was too fat already.

peeps! i have seen my childhood pictures! i was there! i wasn't fat! she was a control freak... in essence, a nut. i tell you this so you might understand where i am coming from. i am a food addict. it stems from deeply ingrained torturous food related episodes i had as a child. you've heard of water-boarding... i had food hoarding.

getting back to my point, even though i am a foodie [my cutesy name for food addicts] i DO have my standards. i am looking long and hard [oohh kinky] at what is in what i put in my pie hole. i have no other reason [like dieting] to do so except that it gags me to discover something gross is in what i eat.. i am getting pretty paranoid in my older age.

meat is beginning to gag me because i see animal faces and i Don't Want To Know Where It Comes From Or The In Humane Things Done To The Animals For Mass Production. i cannot handle it. i will never watch any program depicting it. call me cRaZy but that's just me.

i hope some of you find the above article informative and helpful. if not, you may click on this site here for an adult themed kind of entertainment compliments of  MOI  just for reading this post.

i can still eat pepperoni on pizza but please don't remind me what's in it. it's one baby step at a time, peeps.

i have a very, very, sensitive constitution.




so, how many of you really tried to click on that adult site only to learn you have been punked, hmmm? oh admit it, i saw ya... and i heard you cuss when you thought i didn't load it right.

bwahahahahaha i kill me...


joe said...

I'm afraid to find out about the foods, so I'll chicken out and not click the link.
Yeah, I'm a coward.

jo.irish.rose said...

i read the link....but how do you know it is real? how do we know anything is real or fake anymore? i'm at a point in my life where i eat what i want if it looks good, provided it is not gross looking, and it tastes good, to a certain point, without overdoing. but anyone can write a book and say whatever they want...even with a doctorate behind their name. i have read things before...and beleived them...some good, some bad...some ugly....some stupid...well...i'm tired of it, really. i don't know what to think anymore. i think i will just think on my own!!! i'm a BIG girl now! and i don't like to think of poor lil animals either when they "go to their glory" for our benefit. and it bothers me that we consume so much meat and not so much vegetation. it should be the other way around. well i said my piece...anyhoos....like i said...you can't always believe what you read. take it with a grain of salt...and put it on your food!

That corgi :) said...

its a shame your mom did that with withholding food from you and saying you were overweight; what a great way to start an eating disorder problem. Geesh!! I'm with you, I try to eat healthy but I'm also realistic that I do have my occasional foods that I want to eat, but I'm learning how to do those in moderation. I'm also with you, the only good chocolate is Hershey's brand, why waste the calories on anything else??


jo.irish.rose said...

i used to love hershey's till i ate riesens, then i can't eat any other kind...they all taste, what's the word...less than good? it is 45% cacao....and oh so creamy caramel in side....oh my goodness....to die for....i can eat a small bag...yummo!

ChiTown Girl said...

I'm with Joe on this one. I'm too afraid to know what's on the "other side." I'm still trying to find things to distract me from my overwhelming ANGER, so maybe I'll click over afterall.

ChiTown Girl said...

OK, that wasn't so bad. However, I would have prefered you actually DID put the link to some smut... ;-)

C said...

toone, i thought hershey's did made riesens.. lmao.. i do love those too!

Technodoll said...

First, that was a really interesting article... but I will still eat Doritos anyways, LOL! I draw the line at mystery cold cuts, canned meats and only eat sausages sparingly. yecchh.

Second, yeah the other link didn't work, LOL!

Third, farm-fresh (free-range and organic, of course!) eggs are just about the most perfect, healthiest food you can incorporate in your diet! Eat MORE, not LESS! Go on and google it, mademoiselle ;-)

Tracey Axnick said...

You know.... I too, love to eat GOOD food. And I married a man who is a fabulous cook (I admit it... I am an Average Cook - at best). Recently, I read a book called "Skinny Bitch" - all about our food industry and all the CRAP that is put into food AND put into dairy cattle to make them produce more milk, etc.
Bottom line: there is some REALLY nasty stuff in the food system. I'm slowly trying to wean myself off some of the major "villains" but it is TOUGH. The authors of the book wound up becoming vegans after their research ... I don't know if I'll be able to fully make that transition but, like you, my love for animals makes me question "should I really be EATING the flesh of a dead animal...?"

And then, my hubby prepares a delicious, medium rare ribeye. And I'm torn. OH, so torn!!

It's good to at least be educated about the food we eat though and at least KNOW about the toxins that are (potentially) in what we're eating.

Food for thought (pun intended).