"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


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actually, no pancakes were cooked NOR burned during this post.

i had my appointment with the neurologist this morning and i am glad to report i do not... i repeat do NOT have Buckwheat hair. however it was very painful a tiny bit uncomfortable when she stuck the daggers electrodes into my muscles and shot huge lightening bolts little currents of electricity along my nerves. whew, glad it's over.

before she stabbed inserted the electrodes she kept telling me to go in my mind to my special place cuz this was gonna be a big'un... in my opinion there were more big'uns than she said there would be! i nearly passed a lil gas on a few of them.. when the electrical current went through the nerve it made my arm jerk and jump.. i think i slapped her upside the head once..

oh well, she deserved it. she mapped out the results of the test and stated my ulna nerve was indeed compressed somewhere in my elbow, the only way to fix it is via surgery. the nerve will be relocated from the underside of my arm by the elbow and placed between 2 pieces of muscle towards the front of my arm, to protect it.

she will send her results and recommendation to my ortho surgeon and he will make whatever decisions on how to handle this. but i do have a question- just one... if he does indeed move my nerve does that mean my arm will get a mind of it's own and just impulsively-spontaneously-randomly slap people whenever it wants? i could get into big trouble. i guess i will just have to wait and see.

i was running a little late to get to my appointment, so i didn't have time to dry my hair after my shower. and i thought, why, I'll just roll the winders down in the car on the way and let nature's hairdryer do it's thang. let me tell you my peeps, my hair has





i gave it a brush once i arrived and voila! gorgeous-beautiful-freshly blow dried hair a la mama nature! it was a very grEEn thing to have done.. you should try it!

have a nice evening!

anyone for waffles...?



Jude said...

That sounded like a fun time -- NOT!

Well, at least you know what the problem is though. Hope the next step goes well with you.

I must do the car blown hair wrong because I end up with half a puffy head.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Wow...they should have given you some pain meds before electrifying you.
So, no news really. More waiting on Doctors????
You should have taken a picture of your green blow dried hair.
But, you could have been even more green and rode your bike with wet hair.
But, then you would have crashed with only one arm and you could have been road kill.
is roadkill green? I don't think so.
Take care, Suz

Anonymous said...

I would love some waffles, thank you.

I'm sorry you were in such pain and that surgery looks to be in your future. The whole process seems never-ending and I feel for you.

jo.irish.rose said...

i prefer some cretons on some toast, come over and fix it for me would ya? k...im waiting....

ChiTown Girl said...

Really?! ANOTHER surgery? WTF?!

Technodoll said...

Yey! A nice head of hair sure helps to make a day brighter, doesn't it? And it sounds like it was FUN! Unlike getting cattle-prodded... so you have to get the surgery? :-(

dont eat the token said...

Oh crap this is the test they want to run on my arms.... *cringe*

joe said...

You should do with your hair what I do with mine. Set the electric clipper to #2 setting, and in 15 minutes I'm done. I'll give you a free buzz, to see how you like it..