"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


penguin peeves-


...i was SO parched and went to get a cool sip of water from the fountain outside a restroom.. i nearly got my lips on it when ZAPP! the water level goes right down to nothing as i hear the toilet in the restroom flushing...

i hate that.

the car in front of me on the highway is doing about 30 mph... in a 65 mph stretch. i finally have a chance to pull out to pass it and it speeds up... i cant even get back over with out slowing down...

i hate that..

I'm in a buffet line, and the kid in front of me is itchin his butt, like really digging at it... then with the same hand, proceeds to help himself to the food. i, behind him, will have to use the same utensils if i wanna eat...

i hate that..

i wanna know why when i am home alone, every time i go to sit on the potty, the phone rings.

i hate that..


  • an empty ice cube tray placed back in the freezer when you've just made fresh, still hot, iced tea-
  • an empty peanut butter jar put back on the shelf-
  • forks from the dishwasher with dried food still on them from not getting rinsed-
  • empty toilet paper roll-
  • finding a long hair in your meat loaf when yours is short-
  • dried up toothpaste crusted all over the hole-
  • finding the gas gage in the car on EMPTY after someone else drives it-
  • remembering you left the ATM card in your pants pocket... at home-
  • mail left out in the rain-
  • when you put shampoo in your hair in the shower, again, now for the 3rd time thinking it was the conditioner-
  • and muddy footprints from the door all the way to someone's bedroom.... on freshly cleaned carpet... well-

i just fucking hate that, too.




That corgi :) said...

the empty toilet roll gets me all the time or the so very close to empty one. these were cute to read and I could relate to the majority of them


otin said...

God, what a perfect list!

The driving thing will get me every time. People hate being passed but also hate doing the speed limit!

Busy Bee Suz said...

So much to be annoyed at huh?
How about rain on your wedding day?
Or a black fly in your chardonay?
(thanks Alanis!!)

ChiTown Girl said...

Aw...I love that penguin!!! Oh, and your list! ;)

greg said...

I'm with Otin, that makes me insanely mad. I will risk death to be able to get along side them and look in their car just to shake my head in disgust. Then I will blow past them and laugh an evil laugh. It's worth the risk every time! :)

Jude said...

LOL...the shampoo one...yeah, that happens to me too.

kristi said...

I hate it when people use the last of (whatever) and don't tell me to get it from the store on grocery day. I hate that!!

Clippy Mat said...

I would tell you what I hate but the list would be wa-aa-ay too long because the older I get the more things there are to piss me off. I'm just downright cranky sometimes.
I HATE that!

Technodoll said...

Did you notice that most of these pet peeves are due to other people being inconsiderate?

Hrumph. Being a hermit has its benefits!