"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.



it is Tuesday.

you know what that means, dontcha?

tomorrow will be Wednesday.

bwahahahaha suckah, fell for it again, ey?

so, here i sit, broken hearted...

tried to sleep but cant get started...

surfin blogs is what i do,

when i cant sleep, how 'bout you?

had some snacks, a sammie or two..

peaches in syrup from a can, ewww.

read all your blogs and had a chuckle,

then hit my hand and skinned a knuckle.


it's been cold and rainy here all last week and is supposed to last all this week, too. just love Nebraska weather. did any of you know that Nebraska spelled backwards is aksarben? yes indeedy... it is such a big thing around here that we actually have places and businesses named aksarben plumbing, aksarben heating and cooling repair, aksarben locksmiths... you name it, we got it!

isn't that silly, though? and kinda stupid, really? i wonder who first invented it. were they like sitting around drunk and impaired and couldn't see straight so they came up with it? hhhmmmf, i dunno... shrugs shoulders.

so if i lived in say, Detroit... there it would be tiorted, right? tiorted newspaper, tiorted yoga classes, tiorted bakery.. lmao...

ok so if i lived in Miami, it would be imaim.. imaim dog food, imaim health services... imaim chiropractor, bwahaha... get it, i maim.. like i will hurt you... geeeez i crack myself up sometimes and being this tired it doesn't take much at all.

try spelling your town backwards and see if it would work! i dare ya. one more then I'm done... if i lived in tampa, it would be apmat...lol as in apmat bus lines, apmat laundry... apmat lost and found... bwahaha isn't it fun, though?



you didn't find that cute.... or funny?

you mean you really didn't enjoy that?


oh yes i most definitely have! bwahahahahah




J. Hi said...

That would be Dnomhcir for me--hey, that looks Russian or Vietnamese or something. :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Hi, I am suz and I am from Selpan. It is a lovely place. Full of people NOT from Selpan. Most of the people here are from pu htron. They like our warm weather . They also like to tell us how things are done in Pu Htron. It gets old.

I have one bit of advice for you:
Get some sleeping pills. And stay away from canned peaches...they are making you LoCo!!!

ChiTown Girl said...

Suz, my parents just got home from FL last night, where they visited Selpan for the first time. The LOVED it!!

I'm from a lovely little town called Ogacihc. Greatest city on the planet, I say!!

jo.irish.rose said...

toone, first let me just say that you are naming TOWNS in your hazy sleepy state, instead of STATES....you silly booger....you should be sleeping....get you some ambien...or lunesta....then you would of noticed nebraska/aksarben is indeed a state whereas all those others are cities....poor lil tired thing....i know your just trying your hardest....but here are a few for ya...k?








there, that should hold you for a little while, you of course can come up with some more if you want to, these were soooo much fun. and you would make yours much more fun, i think...with little anecdotes....like only you can....love you, hope you get some sleep, and not only during the day either...at night like regular people....love you toone.

C said...

oh my god- jo is right! in my disfunctional circadian challenged cycle which is on the blink, i goofed up! it SHOULD be states, not cities.... erm, sorry peeps.. now that i am up and running, i can see the error of me ways!

but.... WTH it was fun anywhoooOOOoooo, ey?

thanks for participatin'...


Clippy Mat said...

Hey You Nutty Woman:
My town doesn't even sound good when I spell it forwards never mind backwards, so I won't bother.
I loved your poetry.
You crack me up.
oh and thanks for the info on Nebraska/Aksarben. Can't wait to visit there and show off my knowledge. That'll impress people. Wonder who came up with THAT idea eh?
Are you sure it wasn't you?

Technodoll said...

LOL! C! you've started the crazy train and we're all lining up to follow your lead!

Love from Cebeuq!

(I think I win for worst name) :-o

That corgi :) said...

LOL; never thought of backwards states for names of business.

california - ainrofilac; that is a tongue twister

montana - anatnom - that's a bit better

oregon - nogero - nope, I don't think that would work

new mexico - ocixem wen - almost looks like a species of a bird or bug

(I just picked the states I've have lived in)

when I can't sleep I lie there in bed watching the clock. I like the idea of surfing blogs so much more better though

hope you a good night's sleep tonight


DysFUNctional Mom said...

Too funny, and only one person caught your mistake! HA HA I get sooo goofy when I'm tired.
So I'm going to go with my town since someone already did Florida, the tiny town I actually live in would be called Auhcala! Yeah it's pretty weird forward too. lol