"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.



it is very windy tonight, in fact we had wind warnings for those who go boating. the 'ole Missouri river actually had white caps this evening! the current was going west yet the whitecaps were going east.

i do enjoy a windy evening and night. i have the back door open and a nice breeze is blowin in. the moon is full, and in the light of it, i can see the many trees we have around our property, swaying to a certain tempo, as if it hears music i cannot. i love the way the trees sound as their leaves are being rustled.

i just took Bella [our dog] out to go potty in the back yard, and as i stood out there for awhile, i felt so little compared to the trees, the full moon, and the wind you can not see. buds and leaves and cottonwood blowing all around... i find it humbling to stand before nature like that..


i found this picture on the internet and i fell in love with it.


i find it comforting to look at it and imagine who lives there and what their lives are like. then i imagine myself and Diane living there and create all kinds of things we would do if we lived on the lake like that. just being able to sit on a porch in late afternoon/early evening and watch storms blow in would be a privilege, in my [and Diane's] opinion.

sipping on some hot tea or coffee, snuggled up together under a soft comforter on our glider, and looking for shapes that represent something in the clouds as they make their way towards us... to simply exist to sit and watch the weather like that seems too much to ask for. but it could happen, some day..




jo.irish.rose said...

ooooooh that would be nice....i love that lil house on the lake...me and jim are looking for a house boat! what a coinky dink! we have quite a few around here. they are sooo cute to have to float on the rivers....so calm and peaceful, not for the oceans....but we are looking.

well, jim is gone, on his way to vermont....being so cute on his texts, he is talking in code....like airport code talk...me and jin text back and forth saying what the heck was that??? laughing....what a piece of work i married...lol! what a piece, i say....lol! yeah i know, gross, but he is a piece....if ya know what i mean....ROFL!!! i guess i will go on that note! love you, talk to ya later, gator!

Anonymous said...

That looks sooo dreamy!

That corgi :) said...

that does look like a very serene peaceful place. it was an awesome full moon here too last night (of course it would be the same moon, LOL); we had some clouds in the sky and it gave a little eery appearance to the moon :)

enjoy the day


ChiTown Girl said...

could make sure that glider can hold three? I lerve me some stormy weather, too. :)

La Roo said...

This just put me in a happy place. Thanks friend.

Technodoll said...

Yes, it can definitely happen if you aim for it!

I too love a good wind (not the fart, ha ha) but it has to be warm, not bitterly cold like the one blowing today. Snatches your breath away. Brrr.

Cottage by the lake = dreamy!

kristi said...

I look at houses and imagine who lives there...something I have always done!