"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


dOn't aSk, dOn't tEll...

dear hypocrites; [and you KNOW who you ARE],

when is enough going to be enough concerning gays in the military and equal rights for all people in general? WTF does it matter who some one loves if they are willing to die for you in order that you remain free?

what higher price can a person pay? what separates me from you if i would gladly lay down my life to save yours? in what way is that not enough for you?

would you lay down your life for me if you knew i was gay? or would you think i wasn't worth the ground you walked on.. would you spit on me in disgust and judgment because you do not approve of whom i love and want to be a family with?

who gives you that right? and how do you justify that?

are you big enough to say ok, you don't agree with the gay lifestyle but just because i am another human being that god created and out of respect for that, i am worthy of deserving the same rights as you?

would you dare show up at my funeral after i gave my life for you and call me terribly painful names that dishonor my sacrifice and hurt my family who are grieving the loss of me?

do you agree that those who are heterosexual and fight for your freedoms have the god given right to perform hate crimes on me when no one else is around to prove you are OOHHH SO POWERFUL AND SCARY?

do you REALLY believe you are superior to me and have the right to do and say whatever you desire to me in the name of god?

what would you do if you suddenly realized god was standing right next to you as you judged and punished me, even though i would die for you?

face it, hypocrites... the reason you don't like the "don't ask, don't tell" law is because you would be ashamed to be brought out into the light that you are someone who HURT someone who is gay. otherwise all the hate crimes wouldn't be performed in secretive dark places, now would they? and in your sick mind you somehow justify that if no one asks, you wont tell.

don't ask, don't tell is a lie the hypocrites in charge tried to brain wash our country with, so people like you wouldn't have to take responsibility for your actions. it gives you an out..

but guess what?

god knows ALL. you cant pull that don't ask, don't tell crap with him. he already knows you are hurting people like me and using him as a scapegoat for it. you may act out your judgments now while you are in this world but it will suck to be you when you have to answer to him for all the sin and pain you have caused to people like me just because we are gay.. yes it will. and you wont be able to deny it.

who put you in charge, anyways?

and why are you SO afraid of us?




ChiTown Girl said...

Sing it, Sista!!

Jason, as himself said...

You sing it, sister!