"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


cLoSeR tO FiNe...


it's about 5:30 am, and i just returned from visiting some friends at my former unit. whilst i was there, i cleaned out my mailbox and locker. pulling my children's and grandson's pictures off of my locker and the finality of it made me well up with tears as i have been there 10 years. one of the nurses there that i know but isn't one of my closest friends said "let's face it Chris, you'll never be able to do patient care again". it felt like a knife in my heart. that's all i have ever known, and i am not ready to give that up. yes, i did clean out my locker but that is because i do not foresee going back to that unit. however i still have the hope of doing the same thing at another hospital within the same company. maybe she's right and i wont be able to return in my previous capacity, but that's not what i needed to hear tonight. i am sure she meant well but WTF? once again, i need to stay focused and remain in positive thought. something good will come along for me. i am pushing all caution aside and believing, even if blindly, that it is true.

she is NOT the boss of me...

it has been raining for the past few days and as i drove home, it has begun to turn into freezing rain...erm SNOW... but we'll see when daylight appears. i drove home slowly, hardly any one on the road, just watching and hearing the half frozen flakes hitting the windshield and rooftop of my car... i love that sound.

i am feeling melancholy, trying to totally take in the changing phases of my life. i am savoring the moments as a part of me stands over myself observing everything that is happening, and at the same time comforting myself that all will be well. i really believe it. and that is SO freeing to me.

change has always frightened me. and i know it's because of how i grew up. i can't remember a time i felt safe and secure. i always felt like i was the adult providing those factors to my family... so many nights I'd lay awake on my bed watching out my window for strangers who might break in and hurt my family... yeah, i used to do that and plan out our escape route etc...

but change today doesn't have to mean the same things it did back then. i can be excited to watch what god has planned for me, unfold. and i can look forward to the next part of my journey. i am slowly painfully learning that change doesn't mean bad things will happen.

no one can make me believe these things no matter how much they say it to me- it has to come from within myself. i will be there for MYSELF.

despite all this adversity happening to me, i AM getting stronger. i AM filling up some of the emptiness within me which my depression has caused. i AM becoming closer to wholeness.... as the indigo girls sing:

"Well darkness has a hunger that's insatiable
And lightness has a call that's hard to hear
I wrap my fear around me like a blanket
I sailed my ship of safety till I sank it, I'm crawling on your shore.

I went to the doctor, I went to the mountains
I looked to the children, I drank from the fountain
There's more than one answer to these questions
pointing me in a crooked line
The less I seek my source for some definitive
The closer I am to fine"

that shore used to be other people. now that shore is myself. no one can ever fill us up, it HAS to come from within. because that's where God is.... and right now, i can FEEL that.

and it feels good.

what's really ironic is this is the same song that gave me strength and hope during my transition from being married to David to becoming a single mom to realizing i was a lesbian. it holds many memories for me. i can look back and see my personal growth during those times, as i hope to one day look back at these days and see the same.



"everything can be a gift, depending on how you look at it."

[i just made that up!]



Busy Bee Suz said...

SHE certainly is not the BOSS of you...that is for sure. ANd I am happy you don't let idiots like that determine what you will do in your life.
I love this song also C...the words are just so beautiful and deep in meaning.
Change has many meanings...and can bring much happiness in life.

ChiTown Girl said...

I want to drive over to that unit myself and slap that bee-otch upside her nasty head!!

I'm glad you've decided to embrace the change, and just see what gifts are bestowed upon you.

Technodoll said...

I love Indigo Girls... that album kept me company during a rough time of my life, I know every word of every song... however they are not good memories so I don't listen to those songs anymore. Bummer :-(

And I cannot believe that someone who knows you, who has known you for so long would utter such callous words - wtf?? Is she stupid? Imma gonna punch her!

Of course you'll find another place to put your talents to good use.

She's an idiot.

Anonymous said...

When the clouds part and you are finally able to breathe easy, you will look at this difficult time and be proud at how well you handled it.

You've lived enough life to know that the naysayers don't matter -it's all about what you know to be true in your own heart.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I'm joining in on the Slap that Beotch party. Ugh!
I see good things ahead for you. Really!

C said...

thank you SO much everyone for the support.... it helps SO much.


C said...

thank you SO much everyone for the support.... it helps SO much.


C said...

i appreciate you all sooo much i had to post it twice... lmao..

Clippy Mat said...

didn't mean to have the last word but i have been catching up on your last posts. just wanted to say don't let yourself be defined by negative comments such as this one. why do we do that to ourselves i wonder? just hold on to all of the positive things and comments and keep moving forward. your sense of humour will see you through.
hugs :-)