"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.



i just watched yet another documentary about Roswell's area 51 and it's popular suspicions of alien containment. this time the "new evidence" was of a crash of a spacecraft years ago which supposedly left 3 dead aliens and 2 live ones "standing" next to the dead ones. they even had pictures. of course, they were too blurry for my eye to make out but the narrator said they were real live aliens. ya gotta believe 'em, right...?

i do enjoy watching these sorts of documentaries and imagining alien beings, other habited planets and such because i do believe we are not alone in this vast universe.


i have ONE question.

it suddenly dawned on me that IF there are beings of such advanced nature and technology, and they HAVE arrived on our planet from a possibly wrong turn amidst the solar systems...

are we supposed to actually believe our measly man made technologically advanced labs and/or holding containers are capable of keeping such beings trapped here on earth, for study? these are beings that would have to have such advanced technology as they have spacecrafts able to travel from say, Neptune to Uranus just to visit gramma and have Sunday dinner...

yet the same said aliens are supposedly capable of being held against their will by us humans, who can't even invent wipes that won't clog up your toilet when flushed?

excuse me for being French but i DONT THINK SO!  it just doesn't make sense to me.

which brings me to further trains of thought such as...

1.) the aliens are STILL here because they WANT to be.

b.) they remain here because arrest warrants have been issued for outstanding parking tickets on their planet.

3.) maybe they are a part of the foreign galaxy exchange program, much like our foreign exchange program where 2 students "trade countries" to learn, experience another culture and receive education they might not be privy to in their own country.

if i have a choice, I'm gonna go with #3 because it makes the most sense to me. but I'm not 100% sure of my answer.

after all, there ARE people who disappear one day and are never heard of again. where do they go? could they be on another planet either VOLUNTARILY or by RESTRAINT?

well, i don't have the answer but it sure makes ya wonder, don't you think? i loved the movie "SIGNS" but i have to admit it really scared me and i may have pooped my pants a lil...

god i love these late night-mind-bending-thought-provoking-sleep-depriving- crap they have on TV that once viewed, makes your brain do flip-flops until you pull your hairs out because you are too scared to turn out the lights.




Busy Bee Suz said...

You are so funny. If I were an alien, I would park myself at your house for 24/7 entertainment!!!

Clippy Mat said...

you should pop over and read my post! it's not as far fetched as you think.