"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


whatchu say?


we went to my oldest son's home tonight to watch a movie... "FOUR CHRISTMASSES" and i must say it was hilarious! if you haven't seen it yet, do! it's a funny feel good movie certain to lighten those pre-winter/post-black Friday blahs.

i got some stuff in the mail from work eluding to the fact that i may not be eligible for FMLA since it hasn't quite been a YEAR since my last injury! well, fuck me hard, i didn't take notice of the time span from my rotator cuff injury at work in January to when i accidently fell at work 3 weeks ago and broke my arm.... what kind of dumb assed rule is that?

i am definitely filled to the rim with brim turkey for awhile. although i dreamed about it, drooled over it, craved it, enjoyed it, and ate it for 3 days straight- me thinks we will have ham at Christmas.

the swelling in my broken arm has reduced quite a bit thanks to the glove and sleeve i am wearing that reduces edema... but my feet look like a pair of pregnant Kirstie Alleys holding onto lil snausages!

we intend to put our tree up soon being that I'm home all of the time. i wanna memorize every little light and exactly where it's placed... count all the branches to assure equal distance between ornaments, and things like that.

actually, i have told a porkpie [lie]... since i have broken my arm on November the eleventh of two thousand and nine- i refer to "WE" in all of my postings when really it's Diane whom i SHOULD be saying because to be totally honest? i cant even squeeze toothpaste outta the tube to brush my own teeth, or scratch an itch without her assistance. she has been doing EVERYTHING and so when I've said WE it doesn't include me cuz I'm a gimp at the moment.... so basically i am guilty of taking credit for well, nearly everything, when i have said WE did this and WE did that so i just wanted to set the record straight [even though WE are not] because Diane should get all the credit. THANK YOU, BABE!

finally, I'd like to leave you with this particular thought to ponder, possibly whilst stuck at a red light, or waiting for a dental appointment- or maybe whilst poopin'...  IF  there ARE aliens that visit us occasionally, [and i believe there are] do you think they ever eat at McDonalds and IF so, WTF would they order?




Busy Bee Suz said...

Diane = Florence Nightengale!!!
I can't wait to see this movie as well. If the aliens are coming down for a visit, I hope they avoid Micky D's. BUT I wish they would come down and fix your arm. you know, so you could get your own toothpaste, wipe yourself, bathe easily, attach your false eyelashes, ensure that all lights and ornaments are properly spaced before the Christmas tree police knock on your door and give you a violation for misspacing of items. The fine is heavy. You will have to do 60 years at a mall. dressed as an elf.

Technodoll said...

You find the greatest pics, C!


Don't you know the gov,ment only allows you to seriously hurt yourself every other calendar year or so? It's in the rulz. Cuz they know everything.

I think they're aliens and should be turned into sausage McMuffins.