"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


lazy day..

i had such a wonderful, quiet, comfy cozy day today! and i deserved it after everything that has been happening to me lately. my son and his friend came over for the day as i mentioned in the last post. they brought fixin's for a d-lish dinner. i, who was dead tired from my 6 hour E.R. visit, laid in the chair in the living room which has become my bed since i broke my arm. i had just taken Percocet's, Diane had just left with Christopher for the day, and Alex was at work. as i dozed in and out of consciousness, i could hear my son and his friend putzing around in the kitchen as they prepared foods then proceeded to clean the entire house as a surprise for Diane, as she has been doing EVERYTHING since my injury. the windows were opened, the aromas of simmering foods filled my senses... i could hear quiet laughter and small talk... as all this occurred i was all snuggled under my blankie, enjoying the stimulation of every one of my senses in my half awake sleepy state.. i had warm memories dance through my head of similar times from the past... i felt SO comforted by all of this, with the smells, sounds, and presence of them here... as they let me rest. i heard them snap a few pictures of me but was too sleepy to open my eyes.. in my mind i was yelling DON'T but they didn't hear me! there is just something so familiar, comforting, safe, and so warm & cozy about how today unfolded that it will always be ingrained in my memories as a special memory! i felt pampered and loved. i am SO thankful to have had the experience.. what more could one want?648crp


Clippy Mat said...

no wonder all's right in YOUR world LOL
but you do look the picture of relaxation which is well deserved after recent traumas. how nice that they did all those things too without even being asked! what good kids.
get well soon and take it easy.
oh right.

ChiTown Girl said...

Aw, what sweet kids! I'm glad you finally had a day of rest and relaxation. You certainly earned it!

jo.irish.rose said...

awwww, toone, the only thing missing was me, of course....but i see u had all ur babies there to snuggle with. i can well imagine all the nice yummies nicnac and josh made for u. if i was there, we could of collectively done a smorgasborg!! but u r in good hands. and of course in need of hands, since u keep breaking urs. doh!! well, stop doing that! goof ball! i love u and wish i was there to help. i dont hear none of the buck in all of this...which remains the same...she is a buck! anyhoo, thanks to di and nic nac and josh and all the helpers of me sick lil toone. i love u all! moi

Anonymous said...

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Technodoll said...

Oh that sounds (and looks!) divine - yep, special moments that need to be treasured, enjoyed and shared :)