"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


cut's like a knife- NOT!


hello my peeps. i am SO sorry to be so late with the news from the dr.'s office. i know you were all holding your breath to hear [and i hope no one died]. i was exhausted afterward and after my arm brace got adjusted, i was a hurtin unit. the good news is that i DO NOT need the rod stuck up my ass into my humorous bone! YEAHHHHHHHHHH! Photobucket

i had more x-rays and he was very pleased with how it's comin together in there. he did not totally release me from needing surgery in the future, he is taking it one week atta time depending on if the x-rays show progress or snot not. i had the same twat bitch who dropped my arm the last time [cuz she and the other douche bag are the only radiology techs there] and the first thing i said to her was bitch do NOT drop my arm like you did the last time! i said it nice. NO apology. NO sign of regret. Photobucketcan you believe people are like that, really? so once i am healed and no longer require her services, i will find out where she lives and you know how McCauley Culkin rigged up the house for the 2 intruder guys in "home alone"? sheeeet, that will all be child's play whenst i get done wiff her! Photobucket

the BAD news is that i owe the wife $50.00 cuz we wagered a lil bet on whether i would need surgery or not and she won. DAMN! i wonder if she'll take it in services or summit... HAH! isn't much i can do at the moment with the gimpy arm hurtin, if'n ya know twat i mean.. Photobucket

bless her though, she has become my personal assistant of late- i tell 'er what to do and she does it! bwahahahah... wish i could pay her. as it is, she works for tea bags and coffee beans, bless... seriously, though? i truly don't know what I'd do without her love, support, encouragement, and willingness to shower the ole girl. i love you Diane! there's NO ONE else i would allow to do the things you do for me, and get away wit it.. i thank god you are in my life! baby, just wait till I'm all healed, why, I'll pick you up, twirl you around, probly get dizzy, fall and break something else!

[wink, wink]. Photobucket

onto other news... oh. there isn't any cuz it's all about MOI! no, seriously, now that i will not be in surgery today, that means Diane and i can go to Christopher's all state concert Friday night! yeahhhh! i am SO looking forward to that. i wish Alex didn't have to work or he would come wit us.

i am also proud to report i am no longer on the "constipated" black or is it brown list. even wiff the stool softeners and prune juice and enemas i am taking... everything is working in that department... [thank you god] there's nuttin worse than being full of shit! [lol]. Photobucket

ya know it just kills me that i sleep on and off all day & evening then i cant sleep late at night. Photobucketi think i will go watch a movie! thank you each and every one of you for your kind words, encouragement, and prayers! i love you bloggy peeps, Photobucket

awwww, come on now- you know who you are.. mwahhhh to all! we will get through this together..Photobucket



DysFUNctional Mom said...


J. Hi said...

Well, I glad you don't have to have surgery and that everything came out alright in the end (with stool softener help.) ;)

I wish I had a personal assistant. :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

So happy for all this good news...no surgery (fingers crossed) normal pooping abilities :), The concert and a wonderful caretaker at home!!!!

Now about rigging up that chick's house...what can I bring?? rope? Ladder? Empty paint cans??? :)

otin said...

That is great that you do not need surgery! I am glad that everything is ok for now!

GG said...

i would run my ass off for you darling (oh, shit where'd my ass go?) i know how much pain your in and how this has thrown u for a loop. i just want u to know, YOU OWE ME BIG TIME!, erm i mean i love you... the wife, the mrs. she who must be obeyed, 'er in doors, your significant other...PLP

C said...

lol awww thanks everyone! suz, i'll send you that list... lol
baby, you take great care of me... when i'm all better can i rent you out?


C said...
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jo.irish.rose said...

awwww, im sooo glad u dont have to have the knife...that would deff not be good eats...ooops, watching the food channel...lol...sorry. but anywhoo, im glad...and di....u are a Godsend to chris. i thank u from the bottom of me lil irish toes to the top of me fake auburn hairs...cuz if it tweren't for u, i'd be stuck wiping her buttocks....lol! and i would do it with love...cuz she is my fave sissy, and we do that for each other. meanwhile....plan ur thankgiblets day meal, let me know what it involves and look forward to and anticipate a wonderful day! tell the kiddies hey from their crazy auntie jo...still got remnants of a mind grain, but its on the up swing....love you, glad ur doing better. smoochies!

kimber p said...

excellent news C!!!!

ChiTown Girl said...

I'm SOOO glad to hear you don't need surgery! Yay! And, I'm really glad you get to make it to the concert!

Technodoll said...

Yaaay awesome news!

About your arm and stuff - about the poop, well i love ya but that is just TMI! LOL!


Clippy Mat said...

so THAT'S good news!! :-))
that xray woman is horrible. why do (SOME) people in those professions have THE WORST ATTITUDE? don't get it.