"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


it’s WTF Wednesday..

feel free to add your own!


1.) WTF is wrong with Jon gosselin taking all of the money outta the bank and now Kate and the kids are starving?

2.) WTF is wrong with David letterman, the cheatin’ whorebag? who’d want him…

c.) WTF am i going to do with this leftover pot roast i have that we are all SICK of eating 3 nights in a row?

4.) WTF does one do except go commando when all her underwears are in the wash?

5.) WTF should i do with the wife, who bought a large bag of bridge mix and ate all my faves out of it whilst i was at work last night?

f.) WTF is a marshmallow made of anyways? and why the fuck does it catch on fire so easily?

7.) WTF was the moron thinking when he invented glitter? doesn't he know it gets everywhere and doesn't come off? I've had a glitter on my cheek for the last 15 years- i think it’s embedded.. and i could just kill…..

8.) WTF exactly is wrong with the economy? and why the fuck cant we just print out more money?

i.) WTF was Japan thinking when they decided to spell tsunami like that? it doesn't even look like a real word..

10.) WTF kind of asshole puts speed bumps where they do so that you always spill your hot coffee on you as you go over them? come ‘ere, asshole… hold my cuppa whilst i drive YOU over a few speed bumps, touch-hole..

k.) WTF kind of pervert invented the stand up bidet, knowing that all that dirty water from the coochy is gonna run down your legs and into your shoes like a bad mudslide in southern Cal….?

12.) WTF am i doing on here writing out WTF Wednesday wisdoms when i just worked 12 hours and go back for more tonight? i should be in bed already… WTF, i ask?



ChiTown Girl said...

OMG!! I LOVE WTF Wednesday!!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

WTF?? why don't you send me the flippin pot roast?????

otin said...

Your WTF's are definitely the best!! Thanks for the birthday wish!

random moments said...

OMG, #8 is my fave. Do you know how many times I have thought that myself? COME ON!

Btw, LOVE YOU for supporting me on your sidebar! You rocketh. ;)

Curly said...

That was a great start to my day - thanks!! :)

Technodoll said...

He he - this still applies even if we're Thursday, right?

You can freeze pot roast or send it to Busy Bee, you need to do a load of laundry and not worry about Hollywood gossips, most are lies anyways. Don't use bidets, ever, and marshmallows are made from elf farts.