"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


I've just gotta getta message to you

....when life gets so busy
you can forget the meaning of it all-
the reason you live every day-
your purpose for existing...
when time seems to fly by
as you go through the same motions of
what feels like a mundane, redundant life-
when it takes a crisis to grab you by the
shoulders, look into your eyes and
tell you to slow the fuck down-
when it seems like you will never
run out of time on this planet-
that you can put off until tomorrow
what you should and can do today-
avoidance will weight heavily on your shoulders.
when you are lost
and hope is not on the horizon-
only then can you stop running,
be still,
and hear your inner voice's message.
it comes from a very wise place deep in your soul.
perhaps a memory from the past,
or the teaching of a higher self from another time.
but always attempting to guide you
to be better than you are.....
or to help someone who needs
what only you are capable of giving.
i say this to you my friend,
you are just dust in the wind,
a drop in the bucket of life,
a blink of an eye,
and then you will be gone.
this moment
is the only time you really have,
and it's fleeting.
spend no time on regret.
do now what you wished to do then,
it's never too late.
be still and smell the flowers,
gaze at the stars and sky,
search the moon in awe,
feel the sand slip silkily through your fingers,
listen to children laughing and dogs barking,
hear the wind blowing.
let music wash through you,
leaving it's essence inside
to bring you courage in times of fear.
tell everyone you love them
and it will add wings to their souls.
be at one with nature as
it embraces our every breath.
say everything you long to say
to everyone you wish to say it to.
go bravely among the world
for there are differences to be made
which only you can accomplish.
no one is less than or better than you.
you are your own strongest weakness.
we are human beings stuck on this planet until the end,
and should strive to live here in peace and harmony,
doing nothing to promote hate against one another,
nor anything that depletes the soul of another person,
for these are the worst crimes of the heart.
every one of you is special and unique,
there will never be another soul exactly like yours....
remember that when you feel you aren't enough
because you are.
no matter what lies you have been told.
it was another persons way of inflicting pain on you
for their own agenda.
you will be the only person
you can count on your whole life.
you were born with all the answers within you.
people you are drawn to are a mirror to you
to reflect back that which you need to see within yourself.
we are all in this together and no one gets out alive.
we are part of something bigger than we can fathom.
never let the color of someones skin
defer you from seeing the beauty within.
we are differently the same.
we breathe the same air.
we bleed the same blood.
we feel the same feelings in our hearts and souls.
our hopes come from the same desires.
we dream in the same colors.
we are all born naked, needy, and naive.
what separates us the most as a people
is the one thing that binds us together forever.....



ChiTown Girl said...

I see you're feeling a bit philosophical today, huh? ;-) As always, your writing is deep, moving and beautiful!

Busy Bee Suz said...

"we are differently the same"
I love this.
take care, suz

Technodoll said...

Sad, poignant, true, heart-warming and you've got talent! you know how to reach deep into the soul and see right through it all... wow.

so true, about life being fleeting.

Me like :-)

jo.irish.rose said...

tatoone, all this just for me? why you little gem you, i love you, too. i miss you so much. i loved our week. i wish i could have a do-over, but i would change only one thing: play it in slo-mo to make it last looooonnnnggggeeerr. come over, it is only a 20 hour drive, and if di drives, make that about 12. ;-)

i love this post, very deep and full of thought. i do all my sayings and huggings every day as if it was my last ALL the time. i kiss my dad-in-law and mom-in-law and hubby even when i am going for a walk, and tell them i love them all the time right before i go out the door, you never know...right? i tell the ones i am closest to, family, friends, the same when we are together. it is just me. i am a hugger, very emotional, i wear them on my sleeves. i am an old softie. i am a sucker and people can spot me a mile away. i love making people happy. i don't like conflict. so see, you were writing about me. to me. for me. at me. and thank you, because i love you very much and would of done the same for you had i been as intelligent enough to think of it first! lol smoochies!!

La Roo said...

Ran into some negativity today and wheew, I needed that, thank you.

Clippy Mat said...

hey Chris: so glad I stopped by. words of warmth and wisdom indeed.
hugs to you. :-))

Jason, as himself said...

Very nice. Very wise.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

That is truly very touching.

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