"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


Today is Diane's B-day!

Happy Birthday Diane!
let's go here for a picnic today. we'll paddle our way out from our beach house on the shore.
[the one oprah gave us].
I'll have all your favorite foods for you to choose from
[cuz that's how i roll]
and we'll eat.... then we can play in the water, frolic like lesbians do, and chase each other around this little island until we are exhausted.
[that won't take long hahaha]
we'll dip into the cooler for some ice cold brewskies, let the sun
[scorch i mean]
feel warm on our flesh.. reminisce of birthdays past, and listen to our favorite tunes on the portable.
[i mounted the speakers in the tree]
i can't wait to see your face when that lil airplane flies over, writing
happy birthday, darlink
in the sky....
[i went all out for you baby].
oh! and lookie here, i brought the scrabble deluxe game....
[we can sit under the shade of the tree]
and I'll LET you win just because it's your birthday..
[bwah she always wins].
I'll set up the hibachi and grill you some marinated lamb chops, baby new potatoes, and roasted veggies just the way you like them. oops, did i forget the mint sauce, perhaps? NEVAH, darlink..
[check in the cooler].
then you can open a prezzy from your lezzy who loves ya, baby... and relax,
[smoke erm i mean]
enjoy yourself on this island
[i had built just for you].
honeysucklechuckletits, you know how much i love you. if i could, i would give you all this and more.... but i think you will enjoy what i really do have planned today, for us.... for you.... happy birthday princess with all of my love.
your angel- your wife-
SHE who MUST be obeyed....
[don't anyone look, I'm using tongue there]


Busy Bee Suz said...

Awwww very sweet. I hope she has a fantastic birthday!!
BTW: Straight people frolic in the water too. ;) Ok, not really.
Happy day!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Diane!!

ChiTown Girl said...

Now wonder we are such kindred spirits. Someone else you may or may not love, may or may not be having a birthday tomorrow.... ;-)

Happy Birthday, Diane!!

Technodoll said...

That was brilliant - what a tribute! Yey! Happy Bday to your sweet half!

jo.irish.rose said...

happy birfday deeann! i love you, boogar! i miss you, when you comin' to NC? you never made to KY? or TN? i keep moving and nobody comes to see me....whats up with that crap? i guess i will just have to show up whenever i get a hair....yeah right....when birds fly...or is that when pigs run or bears fart or something of that nature. i love you.....:)

kimber p said...

ohh....how sweet :) Happy Birthday a day late Diane!!

Real Live Lesbian said...

Happy Birthday! What a fabulous day you have planned on that island!

And I AMMM looking!;)

Jason, as himself said...

THIS is the best birthday wish EVERRRR!

I didn't know that lesbians frolicked, for one thing. That's awesome.

Also---honeysucklechuckletits? Priceless!

Happy b-day Diane!