"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


i absolutely lerve watching "Jon & Kate plus eight". i may be among the minority, but i confess to every one of you right now that it is my favorite show. there is so much hype right now about them.... about how Kate is a bitch and rags on Jon, how Jon had an affair.... and that they are doing what they do just for the money. i beg to differ with every one of those accusations. first, the way i see it they deserve all the amenities they receive as they are allowing the public into their private lives. actors get paid, celebrities get paid, why not parents with 8 kiddos doing a show on TV? i think they run a tight ship, at least on the show. everything appears to be organized and routine based, which is definitely great for the number of kids there are. they cant just run amuck in a family that size. you would have to have a routine just to remain sane, and get everything done that needs gettin done. 8 baths. 8 getting dressed. 8 sittings times 3 meals a day plus snacks... 8 brushing their teeth. 8 to tuck in at night. 10 people to do laundry for. ohmygod it must be never ending. in my opinion they are doing a great job with the amount of work they must have. frankly, without Kate's organizational skills, it would be a huge disarray.... a chaotic nut house.... with 8 hungry and needy little kiddies running amuck... we don't know what goes on behind closed doors between Jon & Kate. it is not our place to promote more stress and strife and bask in the anticipation of their failure.
as for whether or not Jon has strayed, it is none of our business. true dat or not, they will have to work it all out just like other couples do when something rocks the boat unexpectedly. why would the public want to make it harder for them to do so with all of the allegations, speculations, and gossip? would you do that to your sister? or daughter, should she be having problems? what about the little kids, do you really want to hurt them? because they aren't stupid, they will hear things at school and in the hood they live in.... and it will hurt those beautiful precious kiddies. lets not do this to them. its not nice, or fair, and if Jesus were here, what would he think about it?
i am defending this family a.} because i love them, support what they are trying to do, and i think they are awesome parents. 2.} i will always fight for the underdog. i HATE unfairness, injustice, and anything else that would hurt another person.... specially 8 innocent kiddies, and the parents who love them. everything they do is all about the kids. i haven't seen Jon or Kate do anything selfish, or treat any of the kiddos harshly. those kids are better behaved than families i have seen with just one or two children.
i am really sick of hearing about the speculation that they are divorcing. i hope and pray they don't. those kiddies need them to be a family. they are SO frikking cute i could just take a bite outta each of 'em! i love this family. i wish i were friends in real life with them. and i wish the media and everyone else would just leave them alone to figure out their life.
i am looking forward to the new season starting in a few weeks. please everyone who reads this, stop and think about how you would feel if you were undergoing all of the public hoopla. lets give them some space.... i have read the cruelest comments in response to these allegations, and i think it is just pathetic to be scorned and judged the way they are being done so.
Jon & Kate plus eight, i love you guys. god bless your family always....


Busy Bee Suz said...

I love this show...as do my girls.
Kate can be a bit bossy, but they both agree that this is how their family works. Everyone is different...we can't all be the same. I mean, not everyone can be perfect like me.
I mean, not everyone can act like me. I mean, hell, I'm not perfect. Did you know that?

Anonymous said...

How odd, I had a dream about them last night. I don't really remember it, but I woke up thinking about them. I feel badly for kate, it's got to be really tough for them these days.

Happy belated Mother's Day to you. :)

J. Hi said...

I do like them too. I relate to Kate because I am a bit bossy too. And sometimes husbands need guidance. Ha!

Anyway, it seems like anything good has to be torn down in this society. Sad.

Technodoll said...

Well, IMO when you open your life to the public you have to accept the crap that goes with it - can't take the heat, shut the oven door!

Who cares if the husband had an affair? I would too, considering the life they have... shudder.

Surrounded by screaming, crying, clingy kids 24/7 - just shoot me.

Those kids fight and scream and cry waaaay too much, it,s not normal.

I hate that show, it's so stressful.

I do love 18 And Counting, now THAT is a nice, fun, loving and coherent family - I don't get a headache watching them, LOL!

Ah well. Everybody has their own taste :-)

joe said...

I don't know about having 8 kids.. I wouldn't want to try it, with my luck they'd all be like I was...

pollicino said...

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DysFUNctional Mom said...

Amen! You are so right about this.
Aaden is my favorite of the 6. He is sooo darned cute!

Mommy With a Penis said...

Okay. I admit. I don't watch John and Kate. One thought: if they put their business in the public eye, then they have to be prepared for any backlash: affairs, criticisms, what have you. I wouldn't worry too much, they are making money, and hopefully putting some of it away for college educations.

Thanks for the Joe the Plumber poem. I posted it on my facebook page.


Aaron said...

ive seen the show a couple times i couldnt even think about 8 kids. damn shame that there falling apart now too.

cool blog btw!

Aaron said...

ive seen the show a couple times i couldnt even think about 8 kids. damn shame that there falling apart now too.

cool blog btw!