"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


i went to PT today and i am officially only 4 degrees of full ROM off! i was 76 degrees when i was first injured. sing it with me, peeps..."I've come a looooong waaaay baby...." now, picture me doin the cabbage patch cuz i am as i sing that!
went shopping today for Christopher's birthday party cook out tomorrow night. gotta lotta food to prepare. we're having; 3 bean salad [my own recipe], chicken kabobs and wings on the grill, potato salad, tomato/basal/fresh mozzarella/garlic/onion salad in a pesto sauce with olive erl and vidigar. bread, fresh pineapple & cantaloupie, baby red potatoes baked in EVOO, fresh rosemary [although the lil bitch puts up such a fight to not get in the oven] fresh garlic and white wine... and for dessert an Oreo blizzard dairy queen cake! this is what he wanted. good choices, eh? yep. Diane and i lerve to CQQK so it will be fun. then Sunday Easter dinner only my oldest son will be able to come over with a friend of his. so we'll have ham with all the fixins. i think i might surprise Christopher and take him to get his ears pierced but i betchya a kick in the arse he'll chicken out. we'll see. i just KNOW he ain't doin NO lips! not in this life time. i am hoping the weather is warm as they say it will be.

on to other topics now.... [i like to pretend i am a news commentator]

everyone knows about the pirates in Somalia holding an American captain hostage, right? ya know what i say? i say WTF is wrong with the world these last few months? it's either a little girl in a suitcase or kidnapped from her own bed or murdered by her mother or Iraq bastard suicide bombers killin more of our men or the Obama's gettin a really fugly dog for the girls or random shootings in kwik shops, nursing homes, schools, and the like or some crazy bitch trying to outrun the popo on an interstate who stops her van, gets out to flip off the cops, the van starts rollin so she gets back in and the chase goes on until they run into her at which time they literally pull her outta the van and finally take her down, the dumb bitch....

[lemme catch my breath a sec.]

OR it's octomom and her crazy antics or Bristol Palen's ex beau talking shit about their sex life [come on, whatta loser] or the fucking weather running havoc with all the tornado's and what about those fires? OMG. it's never ending. rape. suicide. murder. kidnapping. bad weather. bombs. attacks. liars. cheaters and wife beaters.... [and i don't mean the t-shirts] people with diarrhea and now we have to deal with crazy fucking pirates WHAT THE FUCK, i ask....
and the ships they be pirating are FILLED WITH FOOD AND SUPPLIES for Darfur and other impoverished countries. first of all, they are very stupid mofo's. secondly, did you see how they dress? they are the lowest kind of bastards to be doing this. they get millions in ransoms for the 20 ships they have hijacked and they don't even bother to buy themselves a fucking pair of boots or shoes, they are barefoot pirates! who does that. i hope and pray that captain makes it out alive. i guess my anger is about the state of the world for which we HUMANS are responsible for making into such a violent world with our greed for more and to have power over others..... [of course i don't mean myself, or you guys] but humans in general. WE are doing this shit. we have come to THIS. why, i oughtta....
well get me a saucer, i wanna start over on another planet. and i will only take NICE people with me. we'll let the stupid bastards fight it out amongst themselves here. but octomom ain't a comin with us. she is nutsoid. but we can take her kiddos to get our repopulating the new planet a head start. and i'm leaving Casey Anthony and her crazy ass mother, here. we can take George, tho. i feel sorry for him. we'll start our own new world..... who wants to go with....?
cheech, don't you let me down, now.... i KNOW you'll go just to get away from the hell hole....


Chloie said...

I agree with you. Everytime I turn on the news, it's like the world has just gone crazy! All you hear are horrible stories! I'm starting to lose my faith in humanity. Good thing I read peoples' blogs and feel that there are still great human beings like you ;-) out there.

Clippy Mat said...

oh my Good God woman!! you make me roar. you hit the nail on the head yet again, and you say it like it is. we are sick of all this sh*t! it's up to us to just do what WE can in our little corners to make our little place a bit better and maybe that will spread....?
you are doing YOUR part with all of that homecookin'. sounds lovely. take pics i want to see it in all it's glory.

ChiTown Girl said...

Girlfriend, you KNOW I'm right there with ya!! I'll start packin' right now!

But, first, can I crash Christopher's birthday dinner, cuz it sounds way too good to be true! YUMMY!

Glad to hear you're on the mend, and that you're only off 4 degrees off full ROM. I'm guessing you're still about 46 1/2 degrees off you rocker, but that's why I love you!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

YES, the world is gone to hell in a handbasket. This is why I avoid the news, newspapers and all media if possible. ***fingers in ears...eyes closed...screaming: lalalalalalalal***
It can just make you crazy...when ever I do catch a glimpse of all the shitty folks out there on the tele...I just say: "what the hell is wrong with people??"

Ok, now on to your birthday boy...the menu sounds divine...love it and let me know how it goes getting ol' Rosemary into that oven. kay?
can't wait to hear about the ear piercing...or not. ;0

Have fun!!!