"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


yesterday i had my Dr. appointment.
my shoulder is progressing quite nicely,
according to him. he released me to go
back to work with light duty restrictions...
and to continue physical therapy for
6 more weeks. my boss refused to
allow me to come back until i am 100%
released due to the liability on our unit.
so it looks like i am gonna be home
for another 6 weeks. i am enjoying
this time off and pretending it is
like a vacation!
(even though i cant really go anywhere).
everything happens for a reason and
i am exactly where i am supposed
to be right now, at this moment of my life.
what else could i possibly ask for.....
(let's not really go there).
i now have some free time to spend
writing again. oh. didn't i tell you?
i am an unknown, unpublished, unseasoned writer.
i have a few things I'm working on
and have been trying to work
up the energy to look into publishing.
also, if it will cost money to publish,
that will be another set back as i
am financially challenged right now.
(whatta nice polite way of saying I'm fucking broke)
hey i CAN be polite every now and again. ;)
it is a balmy 6 degrees here and who
knows how far into the negatives with
the wind chill factor. it's SO cold here
that the hairs on my chest are frozen.
wait. i don't have hair on my chest.
well who's are those, then?
a couple of free loaders.... never mind...
Diane is watching English soccer,
her fave Manchester United vs Milan
(she is from Manchester)
(has anyone but me ever thought about that word and
the sexual innuendos that could be made from it....)
i must be the only PERV here then, i guess....


Busy Bee Suz said...

You crack me up...glad to hear you are finding a silver lining in the crap of life. ;0
Like chester the molester? man chest. is that where those hairs came from?
umm...ok, maybe I was thinking something really different than you.
Some time at home should be a welcome change...you will appreciate your work more when you get back. Or perhaps you will hate it more.
I never said I knew anything.

tribegirl909 said...

Manchester hmmmm...well I believe it was the U.K. where they came up with the euphemism "shirt lifter" for a gay man. Those Brits....creative beyond belief;) I can never decide if mind your Ps and Qs was for pence and quince (I think those are money) or for pints and quarts referring to beer consumption.

C said...

hahaha tribegirl, i'd bet they were for pints and quarts!
are you english?

suz, i have mixed feelings about work. i love my job but i dread going back to the bullshit of everything. it has been less stressful since i been laid up.


Sinnerviewer said...

I can honestly say that as big of a perv as I think that I am, I have never pondered the sexual stylings of the word "Manchester". I shall be thinking about it for the rest of the day...

big hair envy said...

Six weeks at home?? Sounds like Heaven to me:) So many projects, so little time!!!

My daughter had a show choir competition at Manchester High School last week.....hhhmmmmmmm.

My three closest friends are reasonably stable. Uh-Oh!

Chloie said...

Sounds like a vacation to me, too. We need to relax and do nothing from time to time. Glad you're doing better.

ChiTown Girl said...

Glad to hear you're on the mend. Six weeks home sounds like a dream come true! I'm counting down til spring break, and that's only a week :(

Technodoll said...

My man is the biggest ManU fan there is, being a brit and all :-)

Also fecking freezing here, the wind was just unbelievable the past two days. Like, killer!!

What kind of writings are you working on?

C said...

techno, i have some poetry written during the time i was making changes in my life and i wrote 2 kids stories.

Clippy Mat said...

hey trouble: quit coming over to my blog and disturbing the dust and cobwebs and stop dropping crumbs everywhere!!
i'm still on hiatus. hiatus? doesn't that sound grand??
can't get into the blogging frame of mind at the moment so i'm just chilling but i'm catching up on yours. funny as usual. glad you're feeling better. my shoulder has been bothering me for about 9months but i started taking fish oil and it's beginning to heal nicely. try it!
try it i said! that's an order.
good luck with your writing. keep it up.
pat :-)