"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


OK i have had enough... this chick who has the 14 kiddos. they are calling her OCTOMOM now. is that related to octopussy? ya know, as in James bond...? you have your Duggers. you got Jon & Kate + 8. there's some new family on TLC with a dozen kids. there's that dog that had the 16 puppies. and now octomom. WTF is going on? i enjoy watching Jon & Kate + 8, although many people think she's a bitch to Jon. their kidlets are SO cute, i could nibble on them. actually, i think I've said this before, but i would like to be one of 'em. how fun would it be to belong to that family.... yeah, and i would be proud to be Kate. ooooh, wait. that means i would have to sleep with Jon.... how does that work when one is a lesbian. what if he tucked his balls back between his legs..... erm, hmmmm, I'll have to think more about that. back to my issue, and yes i do have one. WTF is octomom doing? clearly she has no support. you cant count her 80 year old mother. not with 14 kids. not with 8 lil butts to wipe and 8 lil mouths to feed. not with 8 lil bodies to tote around. and that's just the new batch. octomom is not gonna breastfeed, is she? holy shit keepers her nipples would just fall off. she is on disability.... so what is her disability? is it anything that would limit her capabilities to care for the kids? certainly it isn't sex. oh wait. the babes were in vitro, right? i cannot understand her reasoning for doing this, as it wasn't an accidental multiple birth pregnancy. she actually did it on PURPOSE. maybe she is secretly money/fame seeking and hopes to be famous like the above mentioned parents. i for one, don't see it happening. first, everyone in the media is questioning her ethics. not only that, children's' protective service is on her doorstep, due to the dirty home her older kids are already in. so, uh... i don't see her making it to the TLC channel, do you?
and what about those Duggars...... their oldest son recently tied the knot, henceforth, the new marrieds experienced their first kiss on national TV after the ceremony. ya know, once it was legal and all. first, i think that's wrong, so wrong. secondly, he probably came in his pants when their lips touched..... right there on the alter! being the horny protected isolated teenager he was and waiting his whole life to even kiss a girl. poor wifey, i bet her honeymoon night was spoiled due to numerous episodes of pre-mature ejaculation, like uh, times 40.... i bet he didn't even touch her titties..... poor bastard. just the thought would of made him pass out, overcome (pardon the pun) with sexual frustration. he never had a chance. cuz you KNOW masturbation would be against their religion, as well. yep, god made your penis but you are not allowed to touch it. it's just there to keep the scrotum company.
i just heard on the news that 9 people have now died due to salmonella in peanut butter. WTF? that's one of my favorite foods. why? WHY? WHY? i ask in my feeble tiny voice.....
ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh my god, i am nasty tonight. to be honest with you, i am just fed up. with everything. my hormones are on crack. my moods are swinging so bad kids think its a playground. my body is falling apart. I've lost pieces of it everywhere. i put an add on craigslist... "if you find my body parts, please return them to me. they were custom made." yep. i am DEEP in the shit tonight.

and it's startin to smell.....



Busy Bee Suz said...

I don't get this lady...really, she has issues. (mommy and daddy and man issues)
I love Jon and Kate. Yeah, she is very "short" with him...he seems to like it though..I suppose it is part of her charm. ?

ChiTown Girl said...

I am SOOOO sick of seeing this weirdo on TV!! She has some major issues!! The least of which is that she found a plastic surgeon who actually agreed to give her Angelina Jolie's face!! Psycho! That doctor and the asshat that did the invitro should BOTH lose their licenses! WTF was that guy thinking?! Who the fuck implants a woman THAT many times!! Her other 6 kids were all invitro, too. Why, why, WHY would you implant 6 MORE embryos?! He should have to support them now, instead of US, the taxpayers who are going to be supplying her with the welfare and medicaide she will be getting for the next 18 years!! Ugh!! Can you tell she hit a nerve? One of those gossip shows this afternoon hinted that she may be giving the 8 babies up for adoption. I didn't get to hear the story, so I don't know what that was about, but seriously, that would be the BEST thing for everyone.

Miles To Go Before I Sleep...... said...

That was F#$%ing hilarious!

I feel you on the whole whatever-her-name-is that had those 8 kids... I've been following it and it's ridonkulous!

And as for the Duggers... I couldn't help but to laugh out loud at your "wedding night" scenerio... Shit was HILARIOUS!!!