"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


Diane was making a fresh pot of coffee earlier, after dinner. as i was putting food away, i thought to myself, not only does that coffee smell yummy, but the noise it makes as it brews, is a noise i so enjoy hearing! which got me to thinking, how many other daily sounds appeal to me that i take for granted, and guess what? i have come up with a list.
these are some of my favorite sounds in the world;
1. the rolling simmer of a soup on the stove.
2. the clippity clop sound of horse's hooves on pavement or gravel.
3. the crackling noises from a fireplace or campfire.
4. babies cooing and laughing.
5. the sound of rain on a tin roof.
6. the quiet stillness of a snowfall.
7. the sound of rain when you're in the car.
8. new high heel dress shoes in a hallway.
9. the wind howling like there's no tomorrow.
10. splashes of water in a pool.
11. typing noise from a keyboard.
12. bubble paper.
13. when dogs try to speak.
14. a thunderstorm, the louder, the better.
15. sound of the ocean.
16. the rhythmic sound of a train in the distance.
17. flatulence. i find it hysterically funny.
18. my children and grandson's voices.
19. the sound of lawn mowers in the neighborhood.
20. music. all kinds.
there are so many more but I'll save them for another post. these sounds, are not only enjoyable to me, but make me feel comfort as i have associated them all with fond memories. what are your favorite sounds?



kimber p said...

how poetic....I did a post on this very thing and I really, really enjoyed it. You know something else that I just love hearing?
there's a bird that we used to have at our feeders when we lived in the country and it was called a "cowbird". It was chocolate brown and black and it had the most awesome sound it would make while sitting in the trees. It sounded like water dropping and landing in a pool..it was so cool to hear. I'll look around the internet and see if I can come up with a clip of it and post it sometime...

Chloie said...

Thanks for your sweet comment at my blog.

I love music too, and the sound of my family's laughter. I miss them so!

Technodoll said...

LOL! I love how you slipped "farts" in there among poetic items...


Busy Bee Suz said...

I love your list...and I love BELLY laughs. You know, those deep ones that can't be held back.

random moments said...

Oh the high heel shoes sound brought back a hilarious memory that I think I'll share soon on my blog.

I love the sound of rain, and also of shower water. Both soothing sounds. Most of all, I love the sound of a fire, the crackling noises of the wood.

Love this post!

SkylersDad said...

All great sounds.

jo.irish.rose said...

since you left sounds, i want to leave you with good smells, NO NOT FARTS!

1. puppy breath
2. fresh smell of rain
3. bread baking or cookie
4. fresh mowed lawn
5. pine boughs freshly cut on the mantel
6. a good pot of coffee brewing
7. clean linens on the bed!
8. a floor just mopped as you walk in the house, {{sigh}}
9. the salt in air by the ocean
10. a clean baby after their bath

i have many more, but these are just a few...we have awakened our sense of smell and sound, any others? lol jo

C said...

i could just eat these puppies right up, they are so fat and cute and adorable... who wants one? i'll share..


ChiTown Girl said...

What a cool post! thanks!

Clippy Mat said...

loved all of them. don't have time to think of my favourite sounds right now because i'm on my break at work....
one comes to mind,
the sound of laughter.
love to hear it.
you make me laugh.

J. Hi said...

Rain on the roof is my favorite. And living in a house with 3 boys, I agree wholeheartedly with #17!