"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


ready 4 change...

we have witnessed history in the making today, leaving every one of us a changed person because of it. i have never given much thought or time to elections and inaugurations in the past. i maybe caught glimpses of them in the news. however, today Diane and i watched every minute of it, taking in every detail, taking to heart everything Obama said, and becoming very emotional along with the many people in the crowds. our country has come such a long way. i am SO proud and SO happy to be living in this time of change. Obama gives us hope for a better future. we needed hope. as a nation, i think we lost it over the last few years. Obamas acceptance speech was spoken from the heart, with a strength that resonated throughout the world. never before has the world celebrated or welcomed an inauguration, such as it did today. i looked at Bush while Obama spoke, and i thought i saw a look of envy on his face. i think he left the presidency knowing he did not accomplish what he said he would when he ran for office. i think he appeared small and weary, in the mighty shadow of Obama, as he realized the time had come for a change in thought, ideas, and the courage to follow through with them.
i have hope in our country and future for the first time in my life. the Obamas were stunning, classy, and gorgeous throughout the day, into the evening gala events. they truly deserve all the applause, all the praise, and all the prayers for guidance and protection from God above, in every endeavor they attempt. God bless the Obamas and God bless America.

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jo.irish.rose said...

oh sister of mine, i hope you can say this same thing in one or two years when obama wants to pass his first promise and congress won't let it go through. i pray he does. i think every president nominated has every intention of doing what he says, but it is the congress, senate, house of representatives that have the last word. if they don't like it, too bad. so don' be too harsh on past prez's, i am sure they did all they could a far as their administration would let them. i still love you tho. jojo