"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


i have an apology to make to anyone who has read a previous blog entry of mine where i state that i do not like either candidate for the next presidency. at the time, that is how i really felt. however, tonight i am different. Obama has been growing on me. i find myself so excited to watch the inauguration Tuesday. I've never ever felt that way before. Diane and i just watched an HBO special celebrating the first black man to be our president. there were bands and singers, several celebrities paying homage to him, and thousands of people gathered to witness this historical event. i found myself welling up with pride in my heart, that i don't think i have ever felt before, concerning politics. i had tears in my eyes as different celebrities gave speeches, quoted prior presidents, and shared what they hope Obama will bring to this country in the way of changes. i learned that U2 wrote their wonderful song "in the name of love" (which i have always liked), about Martin Luther King's assassination. i was not aware of that before. my god, i was feeling proud to have voted for Obama. i have never been politically inclined before. this is a first for me. i am so proud of our president elect, and i truly feel hope that he will do many great things for this country. the speech he made just before the celebration ended, made me cry. it was the most sincere speech i have ever heard, as he promised equal rights for all of us. i pray he can make that happen. i was looking at his wife and their 2 little girls, wondering what it will be like for them loving the man we will call Mr. President in less than 2 days. how proud they must feel. Obama seems sincere in everything he says. he has fresh and young ideas about the changes he wants to make, and how to go about it. i am also afraid for him, as i think there are still too many people who hate him and what he represents, enough so as to want to kill him. i pray he is always kept safe by his loyal staff, and god's loving hands around him and his family. i also have to say that i think it is sad that we have had to wait this long for some new blood to run our country. and i am sorry that the color of his skin is such a focus, as it has nothing to do with the kind of man he is inside.

Godspeed, Barack.


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jo.irish.rose said...

toone, i hope you are right, i hope he can fulfill all he promises and also stays safe. i did not vote for him, i dont believe alot of the things he stands for, but that is my opinion and right, but now that he is my president i stand with him and wish him no harm. and i do pray for him and all our leaders that one day there would be peace. i hope you are feeling better. i am still trying to work on my bathroom, and my stupid blog page! but now i am going to relax and read for a bit. rest these weary bones....lol. i love you toone, your lil sis, 'stite jo