"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


i suppose i should post an update about my troubles of late. i meant to do so sooner, so here we go..... MRI shows my rotator cuff is torn in the front. doc says its the worse place to tear, and hardest to repair. only has a 50/50 chance of success. i have 2 more weeks left in the sling...(kinda sounded like i was in jail there for a minute, eh?).... then 4 weeks of physical therapy. THEN, we'll discuss surgery. meanwhile, back at the ranch.... i am released to go back to work, with restriction of only using my right arm. well, what the fuck can ya do with one arm at work? (well with another nurse watching...?) oh, but wait..... they found me something, the bastards. starting tomorrow i will be sitting at a desk labeling boxes for storage. oh i cant wait. i guess i can make it fun by labeling the right things on the wrong boxes and maybe draw little Kama Sutra positions on them, as well. if anyone asks, i will deny, deny, deny.
i HATE mornings. i HATE getting up to go to work or school or whatever. i am NOT a morning person. this is WHY i work nights. i will HATE the next 6 weeks of labeling boxes from 8am to 3pm.
it is now 1am. i am supposed to get up in 5 hours. i am not tired. my eyes are wide open and awake. the caffeine is swimming in my veins. my fingers are glued to this keyboard. do you think i can fucking sleep right now even if i tried?


and why not, might you ask? lets say it together....


i didn't hear you~




so as i sit here contemplating life's little mysteries and twirling the one hair i missed when i plucked my chins....
i will ponder how many Kama Sutra positions i DO know how to draw, and i will see you guys tomorrow.


Clippy Mat said...

labelling bloody boxes? that's the only thing that they can find for you to do? what a disgrace. those boxes are going to be SO messed up. i think you should draw those stick people cartoons on 'em.
you'll probably fall asleep at the desk anyway.

Anonymous said...

Night Person's of the World Unite.

I'd much rather be up at 3am than at 8am. Have fun labeling :(

kimber p said...

this is one of the funniest entries I've read lately...lol..you crack me up!!!

I'm really sorry to hear about your rotator cuff injury, my mom went thru that a long time ago and I still remember how painful it was for her..wish you much luck with your healing :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Such a night person....why don't you look for a night job??? can you switch shifts?
Labeling for how many weeks? wow, I like to organize and label, but that is really pushing it. Perhaps they were kidding w/ you...maybe you will get to do some one arm sweeping too.
good luck,

J. Hi said...

I'm in the 'Night owl' club too. Mornings are torture.

I would like to see your drawing of 'Congress of the cow.' hee hee

random moments said...

Its like you're being punished for being hurt.

And if you don't know enough positions to draw on those boxes, I'm sure you can think a few up! ;p

Old Crone said...

Life is not fair for us night owls. I am a total night owl, and I hate getting up in the morning, always have.

jo.irish.rose said...

OMG, you have to word days? what are you going to do? eeehhhh, i know you hate mornings. but i also know you will make a fun way to make it go by. they will all love you there. on the day shift, that is. then you can come home and crash. it's just temp, right? until you heal from your surgery? so you have time. i still love you. even grumpy from having to get up early, and having to take a cute little bag for your lunch. but hey, you will be gone the same time as the boys, and be home when they are. that is a good thing, eh? n'est pas? AND you still get to work, no loss of pay, and you get to keep the house. so, see? it all worked out. toone, don't be so bleak. look at the cute, fluffy silver linings of all the clouds. never the dark, dreary dull hum drums. you got your wish, you are making ends meet. AND i still love you! what more could you need? love, stite jo jo

ChiTown Girl said...

OK, what the hell? How do they expect you to label boxes with ONE ARM?! That's nuts. I would like to see the label drawings, though ;-)

Jude said...

yeah...i know how you feel because i'm a AM person. there's no way that i would be able to do the night thing....so, what's up with the labeling? that can't be done at night? no lights?

Technodoll said...

Yep - am also a night person, never ever been able to do the morning thing... school mornings were hell and now so are work mornings. bleh.

I feel your pain!!

Hope the labeling hell flies by quickly enough...

C said...
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