"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


7 days until Christmas, and i have only a few presents purchased. i am still working on finishing one which i am making, and i don't even know if i will get it done in time. i keep kickin myself because i should of started it sooner. despite my complaining, when it gets down to the wire like this, i actually begin to feel the Christmas spirit as i rush around getting things done. call me crazy, but that's just MOI.
an update concerning my daughter and i...... things have slowly begun to improve. at least we are talking and planning our holiday time to be together. i hope to go see her today at some point, as i haven't seen Julian in over a month. they live nearby and i haven't seen him in a month. that's so wrong. he reminds me so much of Emily at that age, always smiling, twinkling eyes, and very very smart. you can see that his mind is conjuring up what to do next just by the look on his face.
i feel like i have waaaaaaaaaay more to do than time will allow. not just pertaining to the holidays, but my life in general. there must be some kind of universal force that determines time will go by faster, the older you get.
in the news recently, what they believe to be the remains of little Caylee Anthony have been found. DNA will soon determine if so. the news shows her on home video alive and singing in her high chair, then cuts to the area of trees where the remains have been found...... its at times like these that i question my faith and try to understand that which will never make sense. do you think babies and children have the intuition to know on some level, that their time here in this world will be short?
do angels come to sweep their souls away before perpetrators have the time to inflict pain? one can only hope so.
John Walsh and his family have also recently been in the news. his 6 year old son Adam was kidnapped from a store while shopping with his mama, 27 years ago. only his decapitated head was ever found, 2 weeks later. Mr. Walsh has spent his life trying to make sure his death was not in vain by establishing a center for missing children and working to change existing laws to assure immediate intervention when a child first disappears. god bless his heart. he took his pain and turned it into energy to honor his son's death. consequently, he has helped save other missing children's lives. to me, that spells HERO. plain and simple.
i have a silly question.
is it just me, or is Florida the place where so many evil things occur to children....? and is it because so many people in Florida are seasonal residents, or that it is a popular vacation destination? i have seen so much crime to children occur there, it no longer appeals to me as a vacation spot.



Clippy Mat said...

so glad to hear that you and your daughter are moving towards each other again.
fingers crossed that this will continue and you can find your way back together.

re kaylee. how on earth is she able to afford this dream team of defenders? that's a mystery isn't it?

i'm reading a book right now which sort of deals with this topic. it's called 'the shack'. my friend at work bought it for me for christmas. perhaps i'm the only one who hasn't heard of it. but i think you might like it.
cheers me dear

C said...

clippy, i will look for it. thank you. the answer to how casey anthony can afford the high priced lawyers is because it is such a famous high profile case that they will probly do it for free but consequently, they will receive waaaaaay more than the fees from the fame of it. at least thats what i think, anyway. just like the scott peterson case, and the O.J. simpson scumbag case. free advertisments, ya know? that poor angel. her fucking mother killed her. she should get the death penalty but they wont do that. in fact, she may even walk, like OJ did, on technicalities. sucks, ey?