"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


Well, I am STILL here and STILL queer...


It's been quite the hellish week in these parts... My sister who lives here, and I, have had a biff of a tiff now a riff. Let me tell ya how it went down. My niece's sweet 16 birthday was last Sunday, yes on Easter this year. Friday, my sister called me to invite me and ONE of my kids for dinner, saying since the other 3 kids don't keep in touch with her much, they weren't invited. Mind you, this was a family gathering for my niece. I was highly offended, I had a knot in my stomach to hear her be once again, degrading to me about my kids. I replied, your kids don't call me or keep close contact with me, but I would NEVER even think of inviting just one and not the other 2... Specially to a family gathering. I'm not like that. It hurt my feelings and I told her so and we hung up. Then, Sunday morning she sent me a text saying I was tacky and this thing and that... and to leave her and her family ALONE from now on. My sister has to have everything her way, control everything too, otherwise it's wrong and she won't have it. She can't even see to admit how horribly hurtful she comes off when she puts my kids down, hers are no angels, but there're good kids even if they have made mistakes, that's life. I would never put them down to anyone, specially to her. I love them. All of them. Her family has always been welcomed at my home, but the feeling is not reciprocated. We must ask permission first before we go over. There was also a huge palaver when Jo came to be with me 2 weeks when Diane left. She basically came to stay with me, so I wouldn't do anything to hurt myself, in my depression. Our sister works during the day and I work afternoon/evenings. We invited her to everything we did and to just hang out on my days off. But that wasn't enough, she became upset if we ended up watching a freeking movie in our jammies late at night at the last moment, when she was in bed for work the next day. We couldn't even fart with out including her or she got mad. She turned it into a huge mess by saying she was hurt because we excluded her from everything we did. And it's NOT true. However, she took Jo out to eat and other stuff when I was at work, which did not include or bother me. The relationship between her, and Jo and I is very much one sided, and must revolve around her or she pulls herself out of everything and pouts until Jo leaves, then we never hear the end of how we excluded her blah blah blah. She states Jo and I cause the chaos and stress.. We say it's her and her unresolved childhood issues. We love her. We have always attempted to include her in our outings or whatever. She needs to grow up and quit acting like a 2 year old. It's getting tiring. So now, I have no support here, and I feel like I have been left again.

Work has been so very busy this week. We are training to learn a new program the med center will start using called EPIC. "Don't fix it if it ain't broke" has always been my motto... The programs we have now are simple and they work well. So I guess the big suits got bored and came up with a whole new complicated program for us to learn, and already there are a lot of glitches we came across, in training. Irritating, stupid lil things that will take us longer to complete our calls. And my boss is SO stressed out over all of it that she literally walks around like she has a broom stick up her arse along with a whole sack of marshmallows too, trying to direct us but not quite being soft and nice  about it, if you catch me drift.. (who farted)... Maybe she should pull out a few marshmallows, perhaps? And I don't know if its due to the weather change, but every weird perv screwball in Omaha, Ne. called us tonight. everyone from a 16 year old who is pregnant wanting to know if its safe to eat fresh shrimp whilst pregnant.. DUH, where'd she fish those FRESH shrimp out of, the murky Missouri? To an older lady who called and when she was getting asked all our protocol questions, interrupted and said "what about me? You aren't asking me about my symptoms, these are too many questions, and I'm not answering them. CLICK and the bitch hung up. Then I had an older gentleman who claimed to be a preacher, which really fit the bill because I couldn't get a freekin word in edgewise.. He told me ALL the details of his last hospitalization, his tests, what people said, why certain tests were done.. what the doctor thought it might be, FUCK ... And all I was trying to find out is if he was having any worsening symptoms since he'd been home. I tried several times to take control of the conversation, and I'm usually good at that.. hee hee But he always resorted back to what he was telling me and picked up exactly where he left off. I wasn't a freekin church audience, for Pete's sake.. He sure was winded. Finally after 35 minutes of frustrating conversation, I was able to get off the phone. Oh, at one point when he went to grab his medication sheet to compare to mine, he sang the whole fucking song "I walk the line" Mr. Johnny Cash himself, and I swear I heard him doing a little jig with his shoes tapping on the kitchen floor as well. Yep, he finished up that song IN  MY  EAR to the very end. Let me assure you he is NO Johnny Cash. OMG.

My youngest son's 20th birthday is Friday, and I have to work. His siblings are planning a nice evening for him and he doesn't know anything about it. I have a stress test, and ECHO early Friday morning, and he has class until 1100, so I will be picking him up and taking him for Indian food for lunch. Then I have to go to work. I wish I could have gotten the day off to be with him all day.

Well I felt chatty and gave birth to all this boring crapola. You lucky peeps! Talk to ya soon.



ChiTown Girl said...

WTF?!?! Your sister is really something. And, since she's not MY sister, that's all I'm gonna say.

I'm just sorry that she keeps doing this to you. For what it's worth, I'm in TOTAL agreement with you. I would have been crushed if my sister told me only one of my children was welcome somewhere. Did it ever occur to her that maybe her daughter wanted ALL her cousins there?! Ok, I feel those scary angry words bubbling to the surface again, so I'm going to stop.


Busy Bee Suz said...

I don't think you will ever understand that sister....so stop using energy trying to. :) Just be yourself, and that is the best you can do. I said so!
Those phone calls....dang, if you really said what you were thinking, those people would die of a heart attack, or pee themselves silly.
What? you've got no fresh shrimp there? I bet you have fresh conch though.
Happy birthday to your little baby. I mean big boy!!!
Don't work too hard sister.

Anonymous said...

You were in the right, and she was definitely in the wrong. I've never heard of an aunt saying their nephews and neices weren't invited to any family function.

Clippy Mat said...

that's all I'm sayin' on THAT subject.
Howling at the owld fella on the phone! You really earned your paycheque on that one tho'. Some people are just plain weird.
And I'm glad they all live in Nebraska.
We don't let 'em in up here.
Hope you enjoyed the Indian food.
Love that.