"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.



...No matter what happens in our personal lives, the planet keeps on spinning, the sun still comes up every morning, the rest of the people get up and go to work, children go to school.. life goes on. Basically its as if my personal little life is SO insignificant, it would change nothing if I left.

...What brought me to this thought is the death of Whitney Houston, who is the latest victim of fame & fortune.. And people all over the world are mourning, many who didn't even know her. I was never a big fan of hers, yet I feel sorry for her daughter.

...But compare that loss to what it would be like for someone like me, who lives quietly in my little corner of the world.. Not making too much noise, or being very noticeable.. The only people who know me are family and friends. Even though that's enough for me, it still just makes me feel SO insignificant, unimportant, in the vast scheme of things, ya know?

...And there are more people like me than there are famous ones. There are lives we will never even be aware of where millions of people vanish from diseases, poverties, malnutrition, etc. etc. etc. just because they didn't have enough.

Sadly, we never hear of them, the daily deaths of unknown angels amongst us as if no one cares.The rich and the famous have certainly lived a good life, with extravagant and lavish houses, filled with collections of pricey gaudy junk they think they need to impress others, and be happy.

And when they die, people spend even more fortunes on their funeral. Yet there are those who have NO home, let alone any thing in one. And when they die, because they have nothing, will get cremated along with other unknowns, other insignificants.. and thrown in the cheapest grave the city can pay for. Something's very wrong with that picture.

...It doesn't seem fair to me at all. I would like every human being to receive the attention, respect, and love we all deserve. It pisses me off to no end that status, money, and fame is the deciding factor for basic human rights and needs. I know I cant change it, no one can. Life by status is here to stay because too many people are filled with greed and selfishness to care about anyone but themselves. Our world is SO unjust.

...This planet has more than enough resources to provide every single person living on it, to have enough, and then some. We don't share well as a people. It's an eye for an eye, dog eat dog world... and it sickens me. I wish every living person had enough to meet their basic rights, and live simply and comfortably. Don't you think crime would decline, maybe even cease to  exist because no one would feel desperate and be made to do things against our nature..?

...I don't have the answers to how to even begin to fix something this big, but if I had magical powers, I would use them to do so. Imagine for a minute, no homeless or starving or disease-ridden children and adults. Imagine enough for everyone. No rich, No poor, just fair proportions all around so we can all live well, together. John Lennon said it BEST in his song "Imagine." That should have become our worldly anthem.

...What have we come to as a people when we can sleep in peace at night in our nice, warm, cozy beds.. Whilst so many are going without what they need and suffering because of it. Just a random thought to ponder on this lonely ole night.. All I know is the next planet I live on better be way better than here.



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kristi said...

This post is so true. I agree wholeheartedly.