"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


...last night & the night before we had wicked storms, with thunder & lightening & winds that downed some branches in our 'hood. shortly after it began, the whole block on our side of the street was without power on both nights. Christopher, Diane, & I sat in the dark watching the storms. we just LERVE us a good storm..

very early this morning, however- we were awoken by Christopher who was doubled over in pain, pale, & hyperventilating. after a quick assessment, I figured it was his gall bladder so we hightailed it to the hospital.

...sho'nuff he has a gallstone, and it will need to come out. I am awaiting the call from the surgeon's office to get him in ASAP, as he starts back to college on the 22nd. unbeknownst to me, he had apparently looked his symptoms up online, before waking us. (isn't he cute, tho?) so when the E.R. doc was asking him questions, he was as stoic as could be & blurted out "I have severe, non-rebounding pain in my upper right quadrant." he was SO serious, we all burst out laughing. and it went on like that.. he was so funny, I love that boy! he is just like me, who will still make jokes even when in pain. what can I say, somebody has to..

...tomorrow morning, it's off to the doctor I go, as I have to get a physical for my new job, then I have an appointment in the afternoon. I'll be getting a drug screen, which now makes me wish I hadn't taken all that heroin, pot, and LSD. hope they'll still hire me. so what's the big deal if I need to put my clients on hold to shoot up a little... hmmm?

...some dirty bastard  pervert hit my car in the grocery parking lot, the other day. no idea who did it, but there's $800.00 damage of which I am supposed to pay the first $250.00 deductible. I am LMAO cuz like, who's buttocks will I pull that out from? or will I have to do it the way I've been getting gas & groceries lately... (sexual favors @ the truck stop?) I guess that means MORE time away from the fammalammadingdongs I call my kin. oh, darn..

...well here it is Wednesday, I never did finish up this post. Christopher's surgery is tomorrow morning. OMG he has been looking up everything about gall bladder removal to the point where he could probably do it himself. what a character he is.. there are some really nasty images of gallstones on the internet. YUK!

...our veggie garden is overflowing with 'maters, so that's what we have been living on... eating them every which way, but loose. and a friend of ours has been very generous with his cukies.. mmmnnn yummy. I LERVE living off mother nature!

when I win the lottery, I will have a huge veggie farm, grow everything we love, hire people to manage it and eat healthy everyday. I'm drooling at just the thought of it. I would let you come and help yo'selves to the fruits of my bounties, as we nom nom nom it together.

on that note- everyone have a good hump day.



Jamie said...

Good luck with the surgery tomorrow. No fun for anyone but back to no-pain for him certainly will be wonderful.

I think we are (sort of) neighbors? I am in West Des Mines, but have no idea where you are. I do know that you drove to my back yard - literally - a few weeks ago when you ate at Joes Crab Shack...

yes, the storms the other night were something, weren't they? Nothing of importance where I live but the town I work in looked like a war zone.

Happy Hump day!

Maria said...

Congrats on the new job. I work downtown at clinic and there have been so many muggings in our parking lot that we now have escorts to our cars. I hope you aren't working anywhere near my office!

Storms...wow. We lost power too. Unlike you, I DETEST storms.

I'm glad your garden is bountiful. Mine is AWFUL this year, suckers all over my tomatoes and root rot because I overwatered to compensate for the swamp heat we've been having. I will get a very small harvest this year.

Good luck again with the job!

ChiTown Girl said...

Oh my hell! I hope everything goes well with Christopher's surgery. Someone else I know just had her gallbladder removed yesterday. Weird, huh?

We had those same storms here over the weekend. Weren't they awesome!? Thank the sweet Lord, we did NOT lose power this time!

I'm SO sorry about your beautiful little car. I can't believe someone would hit you and take off! What a fuckin' fuck!!

Woo hoo, you start work on Monday! Yay! Do you want me to mail you some clean pee pee? I think I can get some from Buster. ;-)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Your son makes me laugh too. If he did the surgery himself then he could possibly overcharge out the ying yang and make a buck.
I hope he recovers quickly and can start school on the 22nd. (our first day too)
SOrry about your car...hopefully the dirty perv crazy driver will have a cold sore the size of Texas by today. He deserves that much.
Good luck on your drug test. If you don't know a question just circle in letter B. IT worked for me on the SATs. LOL.