"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


5 holes, count'em, 5!


(a shaved chest & a lot of bloating)

Diane and I took Christopher to the hospital for his surgery today. He did great, just a tiny bit anxious. Every nurse we had to deal with was so very nice to us, which helped him relax. He got his IV, then some Versed.

He became goofy and started speaking in French thinking everyone understood him, but they didn't have a clue.. He even named his procedure and how to do it, in French. I nearly peed me pants. The nurses told me he came out of anesthesia singing French songs.. then when I saw him, he wanted to hold my hand- and kept telling me over and over that my hands were SO soft, maman..

what a goof..   

We've been home since 4p.m. and soon we'll be getting settled down for bed. He is doing great, has been ambulating, eating light stuffs, and tolerating his pain level. He is SO cute, that boy... I just love him so much.

His dad knew he was having surgery, and didn't call to wish him well, or to check on him. I am so upset about it, but will not let Christopher know. David surely must believe that just because Christopher isn't aggressively trying to form a relationship with him, that it means he doesn't have to concern himself when his son is ill and has to have surgery.

I don't get that. I just don't... your child is your child, no matter what. AND David is the one who never made an effort to bond and build a relationship with his kids when he should have, just like his wife wanted. It would be easy to blame her for his absence, but he is an adult and he LET her control him. HE is accountable for what he didn't do when he should have. It is SO frustrating yet there is nothing I can do about it... 'cept bitch about it here.

And since I am bitching, there's more... My fibromyalgia is causing me killer pain right now. I woke up this morning barely able to move. E.V.E.R.Y. fucking joint and muscle hurts. I took the meds I needed to, but I am still aching tonight. It askeeers me because I will be working soon, and I can't be taking time off for waking up with a stiffie such stiffness.

Let's all have a great weekend, k?



ChiTown Girl said...

I'm so glad everything went well with Christopher. That picture of his belly is so cute! Is he gonna kill you for posting it?!

Sorry you're in so much pain. Crap! You have to start work on Monday!! I hope those meds do their job. I can't wait to hear how the first day goes.

Give Christopher a big kiss from me, but don't hug him, cuz that would probably hurt!

Busy Bee Suz said...

So glad that Christopher is doing well.
As for your pain...so sorry. Perhaps a daily massage from some nice gal??? Could that help your mornings???


Jamie said...

Happy to hear that all went well, even the smallest of procedures, and I know this wasn't small, but even the tiny ones make ME a nervous wreck when it involves my kiddos.

Have a wonderful weekend. :)

joe said...

So what's a cholecystectomy.