"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


HaPPy 20th biRthdAy aLeX !


after a combo family party for both Alex & Christopher Saturday night, Alex and I spent the day Sundee, together. the birthday cake was awesome… it’s from a place here called “The Farmhouse CafĂ©”. vanilla cake with pieces of fresh strawberries and real whoop-cream frosting… sooo good!


I took Alex out to the Kobe Japanese steak house where we sat around a grill with 6 other people as a chef cooked our meal.. if you have never been, it’s a must try! the chef tossed cooked shrimps at everyone and we are supposed to catch them in our mouth but erm, some caught them in the eye or hair or chest.. so funny to watch people bobbing with open mouths trying to catch a bite!

after dinner, Alex and I went for a long drive around the country side, town hopping, listening to good tunes, and talking.. it was fun, I used to take the kids for rides like that in the evenings when they were little and we’d stop at a park, play a while, get snacks and continue riding around. the younger ones would fall asleep and I would carry their lil dead weight bodies and tuck them into bed. Alex informed me on our ride that sometimes, just sometimes, he’d fake being asleep just to get carried in.. awwww, bless..

it is thundering and lightening right now, I LERVE IT and oooh my, it’s pissin down rain! I think it’s raining men! nah, my mistake, it’s just cats and dogs… Bella the big fraidy-cat is practically on my lap as she gets askeeeered during storms… I think this is our very first good storm of the season, Diane and I lerve thunderstorms.

last Wednesday I had my first interview for a call center position. it would be for the Nebraska Med Center but actually the call center is in a Mutual of Omaha building. It’s a desk job and I would be a triage nurse for physicians’ after hours, a hazardous accident reporting center, patient callbacks after a hospitalization, and a few other duties.

also, it would be a day position and I am NOT a morning person, i have been working nightshift for 12 years! I will always miss labor & delivery as that was my dream job, but I can’t go back to that with the impairments I now have. c’est la vie..

I figure if this is where God is leading me, it will be offered to me- if not, something else will.

Emily (my daughter) and son-in-law are going to Costa Rica Easter Sunday for a week. he won the all expense paid trip from work! and we will be keeping Julian whilst they are gone. Emily will also graduate from nursing school next month and I am SO proud of her!

anyone going to watch the royal wedding? Diane and I have mixed feelings as there is sadness mixed in with the joy because Diana, Will’s mum, should be attending rather than Camilla. Diana's story and the way she was treated will always be a sad one, in my opinion.. but I know she will be there in spirit.

have a great day, my friends..



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your boys! I used to fake being asleep to get carried in too. :)

That cake is gorgeous!!

ChiTown Girl said...

How the hell did I miss this post?! Happy Birthday, Alex!!

Did you guys save me some of that cake? WAHT?!?! Why not, you greedy little pigs!!?

ChiTown Girl said...

Oops, that's supposed to be "WHAT" not "WAHT"

I'm such a drok. hahaha!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Happy bday Alex. His celebration sounds wonderful...I will bob/dance/jump for shrimp as well.
I love that he said he used to fake sleep to be carried in...what a lil' sweetheart. YOU are such a good mama; having a nice day with your boy.

I hope you get the job. REally, I am not a morning person either...but when I HAVE to do stuff in the morning...then I have the rest of the day!!! This would be such a good job for you; you are kind, compassionate and you know all the important medical stuff.
Emily will love Costa Rica!!!! She is going to be a nurse?? You mean like *someone* else we know???? Get out of town you silly mama clown.

No royal wedding for me. I am pissed they did not invite me...I woulda even brought them a blender.


Dysfunctional Mom said...

Oh, this post is full of goodness! Happy BirthdayS. That cake looks fantastic!
I hope the job situation works out.
Have fun with Julian!
I don't think I'll watch the royal wedding, but I know my inlaws will be glued to the tv; they are from England and still very interested in the royal family. I agree with you; it's a tragedy that Diana isn't there to see it.

jo.irish.rose said...

i left alex and christophe both nice regards....but they dissed their fave aunt....and didn't offer me any cake either. so when i come to town? no special tattoos for them!!! or piercings!! only me!!

i am going to watch the royal wedding. i have been following will and kate, not literally, they would have arrested me, but i think it is part of history and should be regarded as so. NOT i'm just nosy and want to SEE IT!! lol

we used to go riding too when the kids were little out in the country...only it was out there in papillion and bellevue before it was all built!!

and how the heck did i miss this post too? its been like 3 days toone....