"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


…mY persOnal respOnse tO Our lOvely mEdia…

..although I am sure everyone involved is doing their best with what they are facing, I remain frustrated from hearing many different reports on TV of the state of Japan and the conditions of their nuclear reactors. the entire planet will be affected by what happens there, and we as co-inhabitants have a right to know what’s really going on.

what they are telling us; “the damage to the nuclear reactors is contained. we are using sea water to cool them down”…

what they really mean; HOLY CRAPICOLA!! it’s gonna blow!! and that seawater isn't doing anything but corroding the reactors!!

what they are telling us; there are ONLY a small handful of people with radiation sickness. we are giving them iodine tablets to counteract the radiation”..

what they really mean; HOLY CRAPICOLA!! people are dropping like flies from the Cilium leakage!! 180 thousand people are fleeing for their lives!

what they are telling us; “there are only the two nuclear plants affected with possible meltdown”..

what they really mean; HOLY CRAPICOLA!! there are 4 more nuclear plants affected in northern Japan by the quake/tsunami!!

what they are telling us; "At the risk of raising further public concern, we cannot rule out the possibility of an explosion," Edano said. "If there is an explosion, however, there would be no significant impact on human health."

what they are really saying; HOLY CRAPICOLA!! we really need to get out of here, we’re all gonna die!!

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OK, I know your initial reaction to this post might be that I have no etiquette in this horrible tragedy occurring on the other side of the world, however, I do have a point.

I am sick & tired of a nation with a tragedy of this magnitude publically denying how bad it really is, to save face.

the rest of the world isn't stupid and most people can read between the lines of bullshit being spewed at us to stay calm and not worry because "If there is an explosion, however, there would be no significant impact on human health."

are you kidding me?

those poor, dear people who survived the devastation, have lost everything they own except the clothes they were wearing, & are now exposed to all the radiation they say “is under control but at higher levels than is safe.”

they have no food or drinking water, the ground as well as the air is being polluted, there are too many wounded to even assist them all, and people who need certain medications to stay alive can’t get them! also, every day that passes escalates disease/health risk factors that will escalate amongst the rubble & debris.

as of this writing, it has been confirmed that two reactors have exploded leaking hydrogen into the air, with a third one close to doing the same.

“Japanese officials downplay the radiation risk as they scramble to stabilize the damaged reactors”.

the earthquake was SO powerful, it has moved the island of Japan 8 feet AND affected the earth’s axis making it spin just a little faster. what does this mean in the scale of things to come? 

where does one even begin to clean up the devastation, or keep the strength to go on, amidst the apocalyptic scene we have been seeing on TV?

I think people are still in shock as they find themselves surrounded by an environment usually only witnessed in sci-fi movies.

sadly, some of the older victims from last Friday have also witnessed & survived the bombing in Hiroshima in world war 2, only to witness this travesty near the end of their lives. that is more sorrow than any human should ever have to face.

god bless them all..

I am thankful that the world is pulling together to come to their rescue and help as much as possible, however I feel sad because I am not in a position to help even though my heart and soul desperately wants to.

all I am capable of at this point in my life is praying for them all.. and right now it doesn’t feel like it’s enough. I am humbled every time I watch updates on TV about the progression of damage in Japan, and it makes me really thankful for my safe and humble lil life in the Midwest.

right now, my family and I are going through our own struggles, but compared to what has occurred in Japan, they seem trivial in comparison.

please, dear Japanese officials & media, get your reports together and tell the rest of the world, the truth. you can’t cover up something this big or play down the damage and toll it is taking.

Mr. Prime Minister, I really don’t think telling your people “this will bring us together and make us stronger as a nation” is of any comfort at this time.

it’s bad, folks.

really, really, BAD.

please keep the victims of the earthquake in your prayers.



jo.irish.rose said...

i didnt read your source, nor did i have the nerve to go see the last update on the news. i lived there for 4 years and it is too upsetting to me. i cant bear it right now. i have a friend that i haven't heard from and her family. your post is right tho, they do need to tell the truth and not string you along. but that is the media for you. always looking for an angle. prayer is all we can do, toone. it will always be enough. God will make a way.

Technodoll said...

You've said this so well, mon amie... so very well.

But let's face it: people know they are building, living and reproducing on fragile earth crusts that are scheduled to move at some point, they may plan for the worst but really, we are just tiny ants sitting on a time bomb.

We pretend to own the earth but really... she owns our asses.

We either roll with the punches or let our species die, you know?

Smarten up, folks! Nuclear plants in earthquake-prone zones?