"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


mY adventure tO tHe eAst cOast aNd bAck..


the lOngest pOst evah..


i am home now, partially rested [can you ever really catch up on sleep?] as promised here are some photos from my trip...

...on the way to my sister's the scenery was green and the sun was shining..


i sang me little heart out~ happy as a baby with a full diaper..


then she hit, and she hit hard..

her name was Nicole... she was very wild, wet, and windy.


she came in like a lion, running that is, and well, erm, hit like a speeding train, and then uh, stayed for a week like the free loader she was... causing floodin' and floatin' vehicles hydroplaning..


she brought fog so heavy you could use it to thicken your molasses.. she made me drive <30 mph through the mountains of Kentucky and Tennessee all through the night..


and all through the next day.. making me take refuge in a piggly wiggly parking lot of all places until she let up a bit..


and even then the reprieve was only temporary.


i arrived at Jo's just before Nicole got her second wind..


regardless of her wannabe hurry-cane ways, Jo showed me around town.. first, one of the beaches..


and the Atlantic ocean, of course..


and the little coastal communities with their little cotton candy painted beach houses..


and cuter than a baby's butt skittle colored beach condo's..


and little beach restaurants [crabby patty's my fave] with the best fresh sea foods that i ate my fill of..


and the cutest beach decorated people's yards..


and real palm trees.


geez, you'd think I'd never been to North Carolina before.

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well, i hadn't. after my first week there, Nicole finally went out like, ummm, oh let's say a turtle taking it's time in mud, yeah, she went out like a turtle...

the second week was full of sunshine except for one day.. Jo and hubby took me on a ferry ride across the sound to an island. some people take the ferry daily because they work there.


I'd never been on a ferry before. at first it scared me but when i realized we weren't going to sink i really enjoyed it. ya drive your car right onto it..


and then they attacked!

the birds, i mean...


one tried to pick me up and take me away.. Jo had to hold onto me ankles to prevent the kidnapping.

we visited the historical Fort Macon.


the Confederates fought the British from this Fort.


apparently, Blackbeard and Bluebeard's pirate ships remain sunken right there off the coast in Beaufort from during the civil war, seen behind Jo collecting shells.


it was SO enjoyable walking along the beach, collecting shells.. and we didn't even realize we must of walked 2 miles in the sand because time flies when your on the beach. sand flies too, into your undies...


for me, it was pure tranquility being by the water, watching sailboats..


and yachts go by.


Jo and i went to the Seafood Festival on the boardwalk..


stopped for a drinky pooh~


or two.. and people watched, laughed alot..


found a lost pacifier that i had to fight Jo for..


and watched the sun go down..


did you know it really does sizzle when it touches the water..


can you hear it, too?


ahhh, peace.


night night Mr. Sun.. thank you for keeping us warm today.


i met my beautiful niece Jordan,


and nephew Samuel for the 1st time.


he makes the cutest of faces~

my Sam the Ham..


at the beach, i wished Diane was there too..


sadly, she wasn't. just some birdies..


and surfers..


and waves.


WE also went shopping, bought matching purses, ate D-lish foods galore, had to go potty in every store we visited, lusted over NYC pizza, played around in Wally World, got stuck in a bathtub, [ya had to be there for this one], watched mOOvies, talked, laughed out loud, reminisced, cooked together, crocheted, killed ants, spent her hubby's money, tipped over in a chair on the the beach, nearly peed our pants SEVERAL times, visited her ill FIL in the nursing home, got treated to many dinners in restaurants, tried to befriend her doggie by slippin her treats but the lil bitch played me, went sightseeing, and found good bargains at thrift stores. what more could a gal want? oh yeah, we thought of our sister Denise.


then sadly, it was time for me to leave on a beautiful, hot, sunny afternOOn..


i drove all day~


into the night~


stopping at rest areas to TRY to sleep but couldn't...


even though i had such a comfy spot in the back of my car.. AND remember how everything was green on my drive out?


on my drive back, the leaves had begun to turn into autumn colors and it was beautiful!


i returned home safely, and attended Christopher's 1st U.N.O. concert.


i missed him!


and of course to my Diane and Bella.





jo.irish.rose said...

well as cute as all your pics are, i think you need to come back and take some more, there are hardly any there! what were you thinking? you only took like 590 pics, and you know your card holds way more....

and by the way...i did not get the pacifier....chris did. she sleeps with it every night. i had a pic somewhere of her, but dont know where it is now. just take my word....it is HERS! i have a husband, what would i do with a pacie? lol

loved all the pics....some like mine, but i love the fall folliage ones. send me some. k?

loved having you here, it is pretty quiet now. i guess its back to the same old routine and everyday stuffs. off to go shopping! buh-bye! tonight is grey's anatomy! don't forget to watch!

Dysfunctional Mom said...

I think you need to take me with you next time!
I'm glad you had a good time.

otin said...

Geez, you were only an hour away from me! Looks like you had fun!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I giggled reading this like a baby with a diaper full of skittles.
So cute.
Glad you had a great time, and fell out of a beach chair. No fun can be had until someone falls out of a chair.
I am sure the rest of your family was SO happy when you got back home. Wet kisses from everyone I imagine.

ChiTown Girl said...

Holy crap, how did I miss this post?!

I LOVED seeing all your beautiful pictures. Sounds like you had an awesome time with your awesome sister. If I hadn't had such a great time in Kentucky, I'd be really jealous. Just imagine how much fun you'll have next time when I crash the party! ;-)

C said...

NOOOOOO Jo has the paci... don't let her fool ya. the joke really is that she told me there was a paci on the fence post and for over 5 minutes i couldnt figure out where she meant then i saw it right in front of me as she was laughing... so i had to take a picture of it. then we dared eachother to suck on it... ewwwww.

Anonymous said...

I love all the pictures! It looks like a great time was had - I'm happy for you.

Welcome Home!

Clippy Mat said...

welcome home. looks like a great trip. thank goodness your sister held on to your ankles so you didn't get carried away.
great pics.
well done for just getting on and doing it.

Tracey Axnick said...

What a GREAT post! I loved the whole "blow-by-blow" photos.... all the way there... and then your whole TOUR of NC (so cool!) and then all the way home. This was really enjoyable to read! It sounds like y'all had a WONDERFUL time after Nicole moved on out! I love coastal NC... so beautiful and peaceful!

The kids are absolute adorable... that Sam the Ham is TOO cute... they BOTH are!

Glad you had a great time and made it safetly both ways! :)

Jude said...

Two weeks vacation! Wow. And it sounds like, looks like, shops like and eats like a great time too. Loved all the pictures.

Technodoll said...

ho boy! what a TREAT this post was, mon amie! that's what i call a vacation... i could FEEL the stress leaving your body like some bad gas :-D

thank you for taking the time to post pics and share the love and adventure - you're too awesome xoxo