"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.



I want some of these yummy looking candies…

it’s a beautiful Saturday here in the Midwest.. the airs of Halloween linger throughout the neighborhood with all the decorations and kids playing outside in their costumes, probably to get more use out of them than just one night of trick or treating. I was putzing around inside doing laundry and picking up here and there..

we have our windows opened and I can smell fall in the air, hear the trees rustling gently in the wind, dropping what remains as proof that there was a summer. Bella is pacing because it’s time for her walk, but we aren't ready yet. Diane is mowing our yard, and as I sit here writing I am thinking about how comforting it is to me to hear someone mowing in the background.

I think I have always enjoyed that sound and it takes me back to hearing it in the ‘hood growing up. seems like everyone did that on Saturday mornings, and when the work was done the families went out for the remainder of the day/evening.

of course our family never did that, ma didn’t drive and we never had the money to go anywhere. we didn’t even get to mow, our landlord did it. but in hearing the Saturday morning sounds I would fantasize that we too would be carted off to a fun planned day of doing something..

one memory in particular was of me walking up to the junior high for sat. morning summer school and I passed this one house that had a boat attached to their truck, and the family was packing up for what I assumed was a day or two at the lake.. the heat of the day was already making me sweat and I wished SO hard that that was MY family and that I was going on the boat rather than sitting through a stupid math class.

I saw they had coolers and floaties and a dog and two parents with siblings that all seemed happy to help each other pack. god, I envied them to the point of it being painful. I could almost smell the water of the lake in the air, taste whatever goodies they would be having, and feel the warmth and love only a family can give.

once I passed their home I cried the rest of the way to school, comparing what I had just seen to my own situation at home. we had no life, really. we never did anything and certainly the love and warmth of a family was not how it was in ours. ah well, it was what it was..

back to today, Diane should be done soon and we can go on our walk with Bella. there is just something comforting about the sounds I hear from outdoors today. I want to sit here and just enjoy the feeling it gives me as long as I can.

but I also cant wait to walk through the crispy leaves and smell the cool autumn air. we plan on having a pit fire later this evening and roasting weenies and marshmallows. Alex doesn’t work today so the three of us will sit ‘round the campfire relaxing under the stars.. and maybe have a beer or four…



Jude said...

The distance sounds of lawn mowers can take me back to childhood days too.

Your night sounds wonderful. I like my marshmallows nice and crispy.

Have fun.

Clippy Mat said...

visual images conjured up.
certain sounds and smells take us right back to childhood.
it's a lovely fall day here too today. leaves swirling around and a chill in the air.
enjoy your fire pit.

ChiTown Girl said...

We skipped right over fire pit season here, it seems. Last week, it was friggin 90, this week 40! It's too cold to even enjoy the fire. :( But, I do like me some roasted marshmallows, so maybe we'll try anyway.

Jabacue said...

Amazing how sounds can 'trigger' memories from the past. I have them all the time.
Looks like a good day ahead of you all...actually that would be done now! Hope you had a good one.

Jason, as himself said...

Beautiful descriptions of fall.

I'm so glad that your adult life is so much better than your childhood.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Hearing the lawnmower reminds me of mowing the lawn.
You are so sweet.
I think you should go out on a boating trip before it gets cold. Find a neighbor with a boat and befriend them. You can do it...how about the next time you walk Bella be on the lookout for a boat in the driveway.

oh, wait, do you even have lakes in Nebraska?

I have to go now and find a map of Nebraska.

I hope your Halloween-ie day is fun.

jo.irish.rose said...

i remember days going out and playing in the leaves. being buried in them and finding a nice "warm" spot in the pile. it would be so cold out. little did i realize that warm spot was decomposition! ewwwww, and i was laying in it and enjoying it so much! GROSS! now i have to go shower now....i itch all over just thinking about it. lol

i also remember when the lawn was mowed, even that last time in fall, it almost smelled of fresh cucumber. or watermelon. don't know why. it still smells that way to me, maybe just the memories that went with summer mowing? idk

i loved walking in the leaves and hearing them rustle. the air being cool or cold, and then the sunshine making you warm. as an adult, i make cider nice and warm with mulled spices. it takes the chill off. of course, it isn't that warm yet. last night was halloween and we had 60 degree weather. it got colder, later. but it was just right for being outside with the grandbabies. had a fall festival at church. lots of games and fun and food.

hope you had fun too.

Technodoll said...

Hunh, we had a lot in common in our childhood... :-(

Bad times.

Thank goodness life quickly got better after that!

(( hugs ))