"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


yelloOow? yelloOow?

is anybody else up at this hour?

ok, I'm not totally itch free but it's close enough for me to regain some sanity even if just a little. i am taking my iron supplements along with OJ not the murderer to help my bodacious body absorb it, eating lots of cooked spinach, i love that stuff... checking the iron content on everything i eat.. and i don't have to worry at all about constipation, a lovely little side effect of taking iron... as the glucophage i have to take for diabetes counteracts that nicely. so I'm set. good to go. and all that malarkey.

Diane and i are debating on whether or not to close the pool for the year, as it has been too cool to swim. but i know as soon as we do it, we will have sweltering temps a week after. so this is the plan... shhhhhh don't tell mother nature but we are going to pretend we closed it, and if the weather gets hot again we'll just yell surprise and jump in! think it'll work? i know it's not nice to fool mother nature but i think we can get away with it. she's getting her hairs done.

we don't have any plans for this labor day weekend. tonight we had dinner at my sisters. she was her usual self. she must have asked me 4 times if i remembered to take my iron. YES, mommy dearest. couldn't you just smack her? be my guest. i was looking around at the baby pictures she has around her house and mentioned how i wished my kiddies were little again, that i enjoyed those years SO much... and her reply was "but you were so unhappy those years, struggling on your own after your divorce etc. etc. etc..."  she missed the whole point, as she always does. so it was like that, all night. she wouldn't understand me if i carved it into her brain.

we hardly even spoke with each other back in those early days. and i pretty much didn't get to enjoy her babies. she always said me and my 4 kids were just too much to handle so we were not often welcomed at her house. and the few times we did go, my kids "were hyper" and "did everything wrong". i always felt like we weren't good enough, as she had and still has the high society friends which she name drops every chance she gets. she thinks it's impressive and but i think she is full of shit. so there ya go. enough of her...

so tonight i rented and watched the movie "babies." it follows 4 babies from birth until they are 4 years old. one in San Francisco, one in Japan, one in Namibia, and one in Mongolia. ohmygod. the 2 aside from the one in San Fran. & Japan were raised with standards that would get them taken away from their parents here. yet those moms didn't exactly do anything wrong, it's just their culture. awful conditions, danger, bugs, and what we would consider neglect were just a few key points. [just as an example, the Mongolian baby left alone to crawl amongst free ranging cattle.. right there between their feet]. help me, Jesus. that alone reinforces my belief that angels watch over us.

however, the purpose of the movie was to portray how identical every newborn is in their behaviors under drastically different cultures. and yes, their behaviors were all alike, no matter how they were raised. it just goes to show ya that we are all the same humans all over the world.. it's only our environments that are different. i cringed at some of the scenarios yet they all grew up healthy and happy.

thank god i was born American...

well i will leave you with that for tonight and get my but to bed where it belongs. it's nearly 5 a.m.



ChiTown Girl said...

I was DYING to see that movie, and then somehow missed it. I'm glad I can rent it now. I'll be checking into that ASAP!

Busy Bee Suz said...

LoLo really wants to see that movie too. Babies are the sweetest.
Glad you are feeling betterer and the iron is working. Love me some Spinach too.
Your sister is a pill. End of that. :)