"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.



my youngest son Christopher will move into the dorms at UNO on August 20th. like any teenager, he is counting down the days! i have mixed feelings about the whole thing... i wanted him to save money from his scholarships and live at home his first year, but his little heart is set on dorm life and "experiencing independence... after all mOm, I'm 18 now, you can't hold onto me forever"  even though i have always joked with the kids that they couldnt leave home until they were 42! i can't fault him for that. i tried to use reverse psychiatry on him by saying, "ok honey, i'll just come spend the night with you sometimes and we can hang out and watch "family guy.." to which he replied a very firm almost threatening "NO". he and i have been watching family guy all summer long together, it's been "our thing" and we have a similar sense of humor so it's a good time.

deep sigh.

heart sinks.

i will miss him more than i can put into words, and at the same time i am so proud of him, excited for him, and will look forward to watching him flourish because i know he will.

yes, he is a young adult now...


but i will always see him like this..


and this..


 how i wish i could do it all again.



ChiTown Girl said...

Aw, honey, I dread this myself, and Stud is only starting his junior year. :(

BTW, we LOVE Family Guy, and watch it every night! :)

Tracey Axnick said...

Laughing about Family Guy... it's an OBSESSION in our house. :)

But yes - I FEEL your pain. Even though my "baby" is 14 I know these next few years will fly out the windwo... they grow up way too fast. It's bittersweet for a mama.... you're proud of them and want them to "fly", but at the same time it breaks your heart. I totally get it.
(Pass the Kleenex...)

Technodoll said...

Ya know, dorms aren't just for studying ;-)


He'll be back for mama's dinners and hugs, you'll see :)

jo.irish.rose said...

yup....they NEVER leave....they are like boomerangs....they just don't ever leave. they will always be back. especially with laundry, bills, broken stuff for you to fix...etc.

even tho i don't like family guy...i tried to get into it at your house, just not my thing, sorry, but hey, to each his own, i was happy to see you both had that together.

and what cute pics of our lil christophee! he looks just like you!! how cute he is here! i could eat him up! and next time i call, you better be awake to chat with me!! this is two times in a row!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

He is so cute; little or big.
Good thing he is close by, right??? You will see him...he will be looking forward to home cooked meals!

greg said...

I love Family Guy.

He is adorable and yeah, it's so wonderful that he won't be too far.

Maria said...

Yeah...but at least he will be in the same city as you and I bet that he will be glad to visit. More and more as time goes by too, I expect.

Thanks for asking about my trip to see Liv. It was fun...she comes home on the 20th.

Technodoll said...

Young lady! are you all right? no posts in a few days...

me worried :-/