"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


aLL's cleAr iN thE reAr thiS yeAr, ya heAr?

as i sit here munching on my coconut M&M's, i wanted to update you about my latest test....

the "COLOLOSCPY".. alias the internal periscope... the looker-around-the-bend... the roto-rootering eye... or as i like to call it, the invasion of the poopy snatchers. bwahahahaha

actually, it went well and i am still in awe of how calm i remained for the whole thing, as in my younger years that was one test i SWORE no one would ever do on me... erm, along with a heart cath... chicken shit me they both scared the crap outta me [pardon the pun] yet, the day came when i needed to have them both, and i tolerated it all like the chimp champ that i am. like a fine wine, i must have aged with growth of courage and maturity... let's just hope it doesn't turn into vinegar.. my doctor is so cute that i just couldn't help but flirt with him.. he's in his early 40's.. oh if only i were younger.

and he were single..

and i was single.

and straight...

anyways, he came to speak with me before the procedure and was asking me questions blah blah blah then out popped "have you ever had a colonoscopy before?" to which the flirt in me winked and said, "nope- you'll be the first." he laughed and blushed so cutely. then i told him BTW i have written in marker across me cheeks "exit only" and he thought that was really funny. but if you cant joke around with your doc, specially when he is so cute and nice even though I'm gay and Diane was right there.... then who can you joke around with?  

the nurse that took care of me along side him was someone i knew from the hospital. we weren't exactly friends but knew each other cuz we both work there... she was so nice, and i tell you peeps what, every thing i have had done at my hospital, was with peeps i knew who took excellent care of me. i was in the best of hands.. and i really missed working there.. it has meant alot to me to have been surrounded with familiar faces when i needed help.


you wanna know the results, eh? he found and removed one polyp and said i have diverticulitis.. which is an inflammation of the intestinal wall. i need more fiber in my diet and may have to take medication for it, if it gets worse... but no intestinal bleeding! that sure explains my blowouts sudden urges when shopping etc.. so i am good for another 3 years before i will need another scope... which leaves me wondering and asking the age old question of "why am i still anemic and where oh where am i bleeding from?"

to be continued....


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Dysfunctional Mom said...

OMG, that picture is hilarious!
Well, I'm glad everything was ok up there for the most part anyway.......now what??

Anonymous said...

I'm really glad you're ok...for the most part. Your flirting with the doc. was adorable.

Busy Bee Suz said...

You are such a 'crack' up.
I am glad you have an answer to the sudden...umm you know...s.u.t.p.s.
(sudden urge to poop syndrome)


So, how much fiber is in coconut
m & m's???

fiber-one yogurt.
plums, pears, apples.

are you at the produce dept yet???

ChiTown Girl said...

I'm glad everything turned out so well. Thankfully, Jo posted an update last night, so I didn't have to hold my breath until you posted yourself.

I just discovered Fiber One bars over the summer, and I LOVE them. I've been eating one for breakfast every morning on the way to work. Yum!

Technodoll said...

Yey! Good news that there aren't any serious problems down there... but yeah, hope the docs find out why you're amemic... maybe you should see Dr Gregory House :-D

ps: were you sedated or out cold? was there any pain during or after? so curious!

Jude said...

Only you could find humor in THAT! LOL and that was a nervous one cause my Doc is going to order one of those camera crews up mine next time I see her. oh boy

jo.irish.rose said...

hey! your spellchecker isn't working....quit paying her! "colonoscopy" is mispelled and chi-chi is going to get you for that one. go sit in the corner! you bet a C for spelling and incidently it is your initial....lol.

your lil baby has gone, but he left you such a cute and heart tearing comment! (can't believe you let him in here!) all the good stuff we say! especially about our favorite sister! lol, oh well, he has better things to do, i am sure, than to sit here and read about what old ladies write about, i'm sorry, and young fella's too! anywhoo...

well...i am glad your tests came out good, but your other sister told me they "lost" that polyp....they didn't recover it. and since i haven't spoken to you yet....i didn't know. let me know what really happened. k? love you!