"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


My_Home_by_Goro79 i love to browse the internet and discover new things, learn about what's happening in the world right now, and make little comparisons in my mind on how it all pertains to my simple life here in the Midwest. what i find however, is how much atrocity there is happening on this planet to both people and animals and sometimes i have a hard time handling it. i am not an ostrich trying to bury my head in the sand and remain oblivious to current events, however if i let myself feel the sadness that surrounds me it will crush me. everyone says money doesn't buy happiness but yet if you have no money you suffer little atrocities of your own, that compared to the ones of the world might seem miniscule but to me in my life seem like huge barriers and when there are so many, it's overwhelming.

sometimes i just cant wait to leave this world to start over so to speak.. hopefully wiser in the hopes that the next place will be better. at least that's what i want to believe. i do not think this is the only life, the only chance we get to learn how to love. sometimes i think hell as portrayed in biblical terms, is occurring right here, right now. the most painful of things imaginable have already taken place in humanity and we must suffer through it either personally or from a distance. maybe god didn't have the intentions of the world he created turning out as such, but mankind left on its own has been devoured by greed, power, evil, and insanity. what other excuses could there be? the pure evil alive and well all over our world has tainted the hearts and souls of many, with false promises and hopes of attaining greatness. what they don't realize is they were greatness when they were born. as is. all new life is greatness. why wasn't it enough? what lead them to believe they weren't? what is different in those kinds of people from the rest of us? maybe I'll never understand in this lifetime, but i place my faith in god that one day all my questions will be answered.

there is a book by OG MANDINO called "The Greatest Miracle In The World". if you read it, there is no way you can deny there is a higher power presiding over all of us. for me it's god. he may be referred to using different words but i think they all mean the same. in this book, the pure miracle of life, the intricate ways our bodies are woven to work, couldn't possibly be explained by any other means. its too much, too profound, too perfect for anything but god to have created.

wOw... such deep thoughts for a Thursday, eh?




jo.irish.rose said...

omg....i sit here reading your blog when all of a sudden i realize: OMG! today is thursday! i have a dr appt! OMG! and i have yet again forgotten it! how do i do that?? what am i gonna do? it is 3:30pm, it was at 2pm. shoot, frikkin sheet, shoot. again! you couldnt of reminded me last night?? geez, what good are you! lol, just kidding....my fault...i was just sitting here reading all these wonderful blogs and lost track of time, as usual....so i will just go and slap myself again! i hate when i have to do that! lol, its just orthopedics, nothing important, ha ha, well, i guess i have a phone call to make, i will check in with you kids later....and i had written this one down too...dang it!! gotta go take my aricept now.....(hangs head low..) jo

Tracey Axnick said...

My goodness... what deep, deep thoughts we are having!

Yes, you are right... I am sometimes overwhelmed, as well, by all the suffering, tragedy, cruelty, pain and evil in the world. BUT I do still believe in an all powerful and all loving God. Why doesn't he intercede to prevent many of the awful things we see? I believe, quite simply, it's because he gave us Free Will. And we humans tend to MUCK everything up. (However, I DO believe - strongly - that God is always at work "upstream" - often where we can't see him... and that he's weaving an amazingly beautiful tapestry that we are ALL a part of... and ONE DAY we'll be able to see the finished work). Until that day, we just have to trust, believe and have FAITH.

And those are my deep thoughts at 6:56 pm on a Thursday evening. :)

Technodoll said...

We all need to believe in something to get through this life, for sure.

And as much evil as there is in this world, you have to remember all the angels that balance it out - they make less noise but in the end they're more powerful. You are one of these angels :)

otin said...

Money may not buy happiness but it can buy all of the things that can make you happy, and even if it can't, it can make your misery a hell of a lot more comfortable! LOL