"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.




it's heRe..

yes, this is our humble pool. i spent all afternoon on that floatie right thar, right thar...

it was 100 heat strokin degrees according to my thermOmeter.

did i cave in and go indoors where it's a brisk 66 degrees? hell to the NO. i stuck it out on my floatie, intermittently dipping into the pool to cool off. so basically my afternoon was spent on-off on-off-on-off-on-off on-off-on-off-on-off and on and off the floatie. see those lil doors to the north of the pool? those are our bedroom doors. they open poolside. so at night if we wanna sneak in for a dippity doo, we can and no one will know! perdy cool, huh?

Diane came out and we both frolicked around cleaning the pool and erm, stuff.. by the time we went in the house it was time to start din din. ya know how frolicking in da pool makes ya ravished...

a bit later we noticed it was becoming perdy warm in our house so Diane, being the butch dat she is, checked out our central air conditioning unit only to discover the bastard was dead. dead as a door nail. nada. nuttin, honey. of course we called the landlord only to be informed some one would be out first thing in the morning.


no way. according to our experiences here, that means he will arrive at some point we'll be his last call in the day but we can lay bets it wont be first thing in the morning.

it's very, very warm in here. i could even say it is hOt. we have all the ceiling fans going full speed and if our lil house doesn't up and take off like a helicopter, it just might help keep it bearable in here. i dare not ask my sister to go over to her air conditioned mansion house.. [her humble abode]

bucks house

oh no, i mustn't... cuz we all know what she'd say... based on the last time we lost power. nope. we'll just stay here in our hotter than hell steamin sauna lil toasty warm abode and make do. why, we can even turn on da fireplace if it's too COLD in here...

as i write this, there is thunder and lightening rumbling and rolling in our skies and we are under a tornado watch.. as we are about to get more storms. so even if by some minute chance that hell froze over and she called right now to BEG us to go there, we'd have to say no.

why, you ask? because we have a big ole wuss scaredy cat boxer who freaks the fuck out when it storms with thunder and lightening.


i can see Bella from here trying to hide on Diane's lap on the couch.. with her lil head buried.. believing no one can see her since her head is buried. yeah. she BE invisible. do you see a doggie? i DON'T see any doggie...

oh, what's that? she's looking up.. [snaps picture] she may look calm but her heart is racing, she's panting, and shivering like a fwightened wittle wabbit.. bless her.. uh oh, she's back under Diane's arm again..

ok, enough of toyin whitcha...

i went to the dr.'s today about me gimpy arm. he said the neurologist stated in her report that it could or could not be related to my injury. so on that note, he isn't going to do any surgery at this point because even if it were directly related, they like to wait a year before goin in, to see if the nerve will resolve on it's own. he took an x-ray and it showed further healing of the splinter, but it is still there, protruding more than it should be but less than it was prior. his prognosis? "cant work. see him in 4 months. until then, enjoy the time off." he also stated that i will most likely have a permanent disability/impairment when this is all said and done. at this point, i don't think it sounds like i will be able to return to OB nursing. and i don't know how i feel about that..

i sure could take that information and run with it, scare my self shitless and conjure up all kinds of worries...

but it'll pass.

who knows what will happen in 4 months? the world could end.. i could win the lottery.. or get lepercy and fall to pieces..

so why worry now..

only God knows what will happen in the near future.

n'est pas, mes amis?



Dysfunctional Mom said...

My favorite thing to do is float around in the pool all day. It's so relaxing.
Your sister's house is gorgeous. Too bad she's a butthead!
Your dog is so cute and looks so much like my Sofia!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Four more months?????
I suppose some of that Dr speak is good news...somethings are better...the nerve COULD heal.
Praying that things get better.

I would die if we lost our a/c. I feel for you all. And poor Bella..that lightning is trying to KILL her. Right? That is what she thinks.
Our dogs shake and pant too...it is getting so bad, that they do it even when it is drizzling out...they feel that the lightening and thunder MAY come and KILL them DEAD. Sissies.

Love your flower floatie...flower power. So, get in your pool and wait for the a/c guy to come and make life better for you all.


That corgi :) said...

so true that only God knows the future, near and far. So why worry (although it is very easy to do so, isn't it? I'm the queen of worry)

sorry about your arm; doesn't sound like it was the best news to hear for you; hoping that the nerve does heal over time

pool sounds like fun, very relaxing indeed!! good place to spend too when it is sooo hot out! wow, and its only the beginning of summer; makes you wonder how the rest of it will go if it is starting out so hot

hoping too that the AC gets fixed today. it is almost a necessity like heat in the middle of winter; hoping the landlord acts quickly on getting it working again

in the meantime, drink plenty of fluids and don't overexert yourself!


ChiTown Girl said...

Aw, Cookie, I'm sorry about the air going out. That sucks. Hopefully, your lazy ass landlord will get it fixed soon.

Maybe you should do what the doctor says, and try to enjoy the time off. I realize that's easy for him to say, since HE'S not the one going without pay for 4 more months, but since there really isn't anything else you can do to change things, you may as well enjoy yourself. You know, on the pretty flower floatie. :)

jo.irish.rose said...

poor lil bella.....she just wants to be a lil lap doggie like morgan! she is so cute, i could just eat her right up! that lil mouth with the lip...

and maybe the air guy will have it all fixed by the time you are home from your therapy. even soooo, you got that nice pool to sit in and stay cool in, some peeps don't even have that. your mean sister for one. lol

well....maybe this time off will be a good time of reflection and time for good rest and healing. after all the years of school and work you have done. but i hate that you have to go without and worry about so much. i miss you. it would be nice to open our lil restaurant....life would be so good.

Anonymous said...

That pool looks amazing, especially with that floatie! I have no air conditioning in my little apartment and when I cook, it gets so hot I have to put my face in the freezer every few minutes so I don't pass out. OH and now that we're moving, we have boxes everywhere and it's like an obstacle course! ha. Anyway, we sleep with the fan on and that does wonders. Thank goodness for fans!

I love your attitude regarding your arm, it's quite inspiring. Life is ever-changing and you can't get too caught up in the hard stuff. It ends up doing more harm than good and you risk becoming ill from the worry and stress. Keep your chin up and hope for the best. Take care!

Technodoll said...

I wanted to write that I would love a dip in your pool, but that sounded dirty - LOL!

Hope the storms pass you by without harm and that you survive a hot sticky night... hard to sleep when you're sweaty, ugggh. Maybe sleep in the kitchen with the freezer door open :-D

Technodoll said...

ps: so sucky about your arm... you have to get better soon, the babies are counting on you!!

Tracey Axnick said...

Your pool looks divine, and the floatie looks fabulous!
It has been crazy-hot here too.... mid 90s and high humidity. Hubster is out of town this wknd so we went to the aquarium earlier today with my mom... it was nice (post with photos to come later). But it is WAY too damn cold to be only June. Our A/C is on its last legs and I PRAY it holds out this Summer. We had to buy a new furnace this past Winter and I just can't shell out any more $$ to the HVAC folks.

As far as the stormy weather, that picture KILLED me! I could see the "extreme concern" in Puppy's little face! Chloe, our dearly departed, late great Black Lab, was DESPERATELY afraid of storms... our two now aren't crazy about them, but they don't freak out, like Chloe did.

Any way, stay cool... hydrated... and I'm glad you found a good (and good SMELLING) doctor! :)

Tracey Axnick said...

*HOT.... it's way too damn HOT to be only June.

Sheesh - FREUDIAN slip, for sure!