"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


i went to the low income clinic today to see if i qualified to be seen there and just pay according to my income. HAH! i make TOO much money and would have to pay full price in cash at time of office visit. just the office visit alone is $130.00 plus any labs or other tests...

yeah. ok, so that didn't work out.

however, the clinic is in the Hispanic community and is in a historical building called THE LIVE STOCK EXCHANGE BLDG. it is beautiful inside and very old.. it was spick and span clean, and there were no out of control kids running all over making messes. because that is what i was expecting according to the low income/Medicaid clinics in the past that i had to go to. i looked around at all the people waiting for their number to be called and felt sorry for them all, because you have to be dirt poor to get help there, and i am not dirt poor.

these people deserve the help and i even felt a sense of relief that i didn't get accepted because i wouldn't want to take anything away from those who need it more than i. the class of people may have been low income but their children were well behaved, clean, respectful, and their clothes were clean. the Mexicans are a proud people who try to take care of themselves. my daughter Emily is half Mexican so i kind of felt akin to them.

i am not trying to negate my own situation, yes we are struggling financially but we do have a home, a car, enough food, the utilities are paid, and basically we are ok. i just don't have medical insurance to get the health care and medications that i need. going there today helped me put things back into perspective and i apologize for being such a whiny sissy.. i got caught up in self pity and lost sight of all that i DO have.

tonight Diane and i attended honors night at Christopher's high school. [he graduates on the 15th]. he was awarded top honor in the state of Nebraska for high school French. i was so very proud of him !! 

in other news-

today is Diane's birffday!


she didn't want to go out or do anything that cost money, so we will just stay home and the kids will come over for dinner. i will make her a special meal, with all of her favorites! sometimes money isn't the most important factor in a celebration.. it means more to make a good memory.


it is pouring rain as i write this, with thunder and wicked lightening.. the back door onto the deck is opened, and i am listening to the raindrops hitting the pool cover and deck. i love that sound! as i write, my Diane is asleep with Bella hiding under the covers because she is a scaredy cat. which is really silly since she is a dog!


 Diane !


baby, if i could take you anywhere for your birthday, it would be here... just you and i..

and my thong bikini... bwahahahaha!







Busy Bee Suz said...

Congratulations to Christopher!!! What an amazing accomplishment. And here..I can barely speak english.
I understand all that you said about the health clinic. I am sorry that route won't help you, but it did bring somethings to the front of your brain.
And never, ever worry about the pity party...you deserve to get it off your chest..out of your head and onto the blog.
I hope the next step you can take will be positive for you.

Happy birfffday to Diane. I say, you get matching thongs.

ChiTown Girl said...

Congrats to your "baby" on his award. What a perfect Mother's Day gift, no?

I gotta tell ya, reading this reminded me how PISSED I am about you not having medical coverage for something that freakin' happened while you were WORKING!!!! Ugh, I'm afraid another f-bomb filled rant is coming, so I'd better just move along....

Happy Birthday, Diane!! Enjoy your family dinner tonight. Those are always the best, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Diane!

That corgi :) said...

Happy birthday to Diane!

congrats to your son for his honor! what an achievement!!

it is always humbling when we realize just how much we have compared to others; makes us truly appreciate indeed what we do have (although I'm guilty of the same thing, whining)

hoping you have an enjoyable dinner and time celebrating Diane's birthday


Technodoll said...

Happy Birthday Diane!

And congrats to Christopher,and to YOU for being such a great wife and mom!

Blessed are those who know what they have and who appreciate it.

Rain and all :-)