"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.




i saw my doctor today and had another x-ray. it showed the final splinter [remember there were 4 originally] still hasn't attached to the bone fully, therefore it "catches" when i move my arm in certain directions. [yes, it hurts]. he assured me this would eventually attach fully, that my body would surround it with scar tissue, and "naturally" buffer it down so it wouldn't be "catching". he also said that could take up to a year. in the meantime, i have to live with the pain. we will re-evaluate again in 6 weeks. until then i am off work. and there is the possibility that it may be until June before i can return to work.

also, because i have been "separated" from my previous position, [and it has been filled] my healthcare insurance is on the line. i should be receiving information about what will be available to me by next week. however, i may have to get a lawyer because so far what i have been told is they will offer me cobra for $600.00 per month. WTF? i can not afford that! i am only receiving 2/3 of what i normally made! we are very "incomely challenged" at the moment. AND with this injury, i have lost the accruement of all of my paid time off, income being put into my retirement fund, and 401K.

pardon my French but they are fucking me up the ass without KY.

so it's not really happy news, peeps.. but i NEED to remain positive and NEED to believe this is all happening to me for a reason. i may need help with that. right now i feel discouraged, and fearful of my future... both financially AND physically.

i will post again when i am in a better place. right now i am going to go curl up in bed and nap. maybe this is all just a bad dream and when i wake up i will be;

1.) still employed

2.) completely healed

c.) thin.

4.) rich.

what are the odds...





ChiTown Girl said...


I can't believe they're trying to screw you like this. Am I just remembering this wrong, or didn't this happen on the job? If it did, like I think it did, WTF?!? They should be paying your every medical bill, your salary, and then a little bonus for pain and suffering. Can't you sue? Like I said, COUGHfuckinbullshitCOUGH

Busy Bee Suz said...

I wish the news was better. but it could have been worse. Right? I mean, it can always be worse.

I think you need to research and find an attorney (or paralegal office) that specializes in situations like this. I mean, you lost your job. You can't afford that type of cobra payment.
Chi is right. THis happened at WORK. Your medical bills should be paid. fully.

I hope the nap helps.
I hope the pain diminishes.
I hope you feel better inside and out.
I hope. I hope. I hope.


Jason, as himself said...

Without K-Y?

I'm sorry. This has all been such a mess for you! I hope it resolves itself soon.

C said...

yes, my injury happened on the job and workmans comp. is paying for all of that plus paying my salary [2/3 anyways] i am talking about my regular medical/dental insurance... they are trying to take that away from me... so i have to fight it.. thank you all for caring and for the support.

i heard ya coughing, cheech... cute, tres cute.. lol;)


DysFUNctional Mom said...

I think I love your positive attitude, and as long as you have that, you're gonna be ok.
Also? I LOVE LOVE LOVE that last picture!

Jude said...

Man, something is just so wrong with this picture.

I'm sorry for your pain and I'm sorry for all the crap you're putting up with from work too.