"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


i am doing WTF Wednesdays like my friend at  http://wizardofotin.blogspot.com/ if anyone cares to add their own, please do.. this is your place to bitch, man!

1.) WTF is all the hype about in the Roman Polanski case? he raped and sodomised a 13 year old girl after giving her Quaaludes. who knows how he fucked up her life. yeah, i feel sorry that his wife and unborn son were murdered, and yeah, he’s made many movies… but come on… he is guilty- being famous should not protect you from paying for crimes you commit. i say book the ole bastard.
2.) WTF is Jon Gosselin thinking?
c.) WTF is wrong with those kids that wear baggy pants belted around their hips so their underwear shows? do they think it’s cool to have to keep pulling up their pants like that? what if you have a burger in one hand and fries in the other. who's gonna pull ‘em up for ya then, foo?  huh? huh?
4.) WTF kind of fast food joint makes a half pound burger with all the fixins with 2 glazed donuts as the buns? i can feel me arteries clogging up just writing that.
5.) WTF kind of person doesn't flush their poop in a public rest room and leaves it there for the next person to see?
f.) WTF are very old people doing STILL driving? they cant see over the steering wheel, they cant hear, heck they cant even clip their own toenails let alone stay in one lane without weaving all over the frikking road.. give the car to a grandchild and take a cab!
7.) WTF is the point of designer dogs anyways? aren't there enough regular dogs to love out there without making up new breeds?
8.) WTF is wrong with those women on TV who didn't even know they were pregnant….? their breasts are leaking milk. they HAVE to be feeling the baby move. and there’re craving shit like anchovies on cinnamon ice cream… don't tell me you didn't know cuz i for one don't believe you, bitch.
9.) WTF is wrong with that Andrew Zimmer who eats the weirdest most disgusting things all around the world? yuk he gags me. if he has a wife, how can she kiss that mouth? not even after mouthwash with Clorox would i kiss that mouth.
j.) WTF is this country doing with all of the death row prisoners besides feeding them, housing them, and keeping them healthy? we have a homeless population that could greatly benefit with all of the amenities criminals receive even after they killed, tortured and raped. AND another thing- why can’t researchers use criminals for testing rather than helpless innocent animals? boy oh boy if i were in charge…..
11.) WTF is up with all the tsunamis, flooding, and earthquakes going on all over the world? you’d think we were experiencing global warming or some crazy shit like that..
i’m jus sayin’…


ChiTown Girl said...

This was great!! And, I LOVE the new look! Did you change something else, cuz your page didn't take 3 days to load this morning! ;-) I even went alllll the way down and checked all the side "buttons" to see if you took some off. I had forgotten about some of them, so thanks for the laughs!

C said...

hey cheech, i took off the aquarium and fish tank... must of been those lil bastards slowin me down.

otin said...

OH! You are so funny! I loved all of them and agreed with almost all of them. I don't forget that you are here! I am a bit lax sometimes, well, that is not true, I am just busy most of the time! :)

jo.irish.rose said...

toone, i leeeeerrrve the new look, and your WTF section is soooo funny! #11: i feel the end is near, and this is what it is going to be like...if u read revelations, u should know...just statin' my opinion, i got one, just like belly buttons and butt holes...moi