"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


Here’s the skinny-

hello my fellow peeps… how goes it this beautiful start to weekend!  here’s the skinny on what's been going on with us-
my computer, which i purchased at Best Buy, was suddenly acting funky this week. every time i opened a new page or search, it froze up. i couldn't even close the fucking page and would have to drop kick it across the room restart the bastard darn thing. so i called Best Buy, and asked for the geek squad [who knew they really existed]. all i wanted to know was how to reboot the damn thing, as Diane and i tried for hours to no avail. i mean how can we know when NO instructions came with it? so i told the girl this. and she stated “none of them come with instructions”. does she think i was born yesterday or that I'm an ignoramus? what? really? then how am i supposed to know how to reboot it”, i ask..
no answer.
“yes”, i hear a faint voice reply.
so can you tell me how to reboot my new computer?
would she tell me? NO. could she give me a little clue? FUCK NO! the bitch tech reported to me that i would have to pay for that kind of information.. even though i had just paid cash for this new computer and all the fixin’s.. i explained to her that it was freezing up, i needed to reboot it to an earlier date of function…. i wasn't asking to return the fucking thing new computer, i just NEEDED TO REBOOT IT. she became sassy and RUDE with me.
i quickly got the feeling she didn't care about my problem.
so i asked if i could speak to her manager. she said flatly, “I AM THE MANAGER”. to which i replied “OH NO YOU CANT BE, BITCH” REALLY?
i was dumbfounded that this prissy piece of shit doggie doo doo could actually be a manager. so i asked for her BOSS. and guess what? her boss wasn't in that store today. WHAT? you mean to tell me you are a whore and your boss is unavailable, bitch?aw shucks”, i said.. “how WOULD i be able to reach your boss”, i inquired….
to which she bluntly replied “even if you speak to my boss, you still have to pay for that information… it’s our POLICY”.
oooooh. she WONT tell me, eh?
she thinks she's smarter than the average bear, eh?
hmmmm, we’ll see about that, wont we, Vern…
now I'm getting pissed. and i wasn't even drinking… as the steam exploded out of my nostrils and my heart raced like a junkie chasin’ a needle… it was all i could do to not reach through the phone and smack that not raise my voice. after all, i AM a lady.
all. i. want. is. to. know. how. to. reboot. this. computer.
obviously, i wasn't getting anywhere with the Best Buy Bitch the rude lady from the store. i politely informed her that i would be contacting corporate about this matter and her attitude.
she didn't seem to be intimidated whatsoever. hmmm- maybe she’s been through this before? or perhaps she is too STUPID to understand the trouble i will make for her….
i politely told her to kiss my ass grits and hung up. however, i WILL be writing to corporate. instead of the geek squad they will soon be known as the meek squad when i am all said and done.
so, i called my brother in law [a computer programer] and he told us how to reboot it.

should of done that in the first place.

moral of the story;
don't shop at Best Buy-
they will make you cry-
the tech’s a bitch-
just trying to get rich-
off your hard earned money-
no thank you, honey.


Clippy Mat said...

this kind of thing is what makes me seethe with rage!
i hope you do follow through with your complaint tho'.
don' let 'em get away with it.:-))

Anonymous said...

Shame she acted that way, but I am glad you have a relative who can help. I tend to try to go it on my own before calling in help, but it isn't always wise. I guess esp if you just bought something from Best Buy.

Actually, I've heard rather good things about it in the past, but I've not shopped there yet. ~Mary

Busy Bee Suz said...

WOW. This would really piss me off too. I did just get a computer at best buy..now I am scarred!!!! Mine came with instructions...IN THE COMPUTER. so, rebooting won't happen if it freezes up cause if it freezes up I can't get the instructions.
good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the way you wrote this, too funny.

I'm very relieved for you that you were finally able to reboot. sheesh

joe said...

Let me guess... you're upset..

joe said...

They probably sold you the computer from the men's department. Our stuff doesn't come with directions because we don't read directions. We're just that way.

ChiTown Girl said...

Make sure you follow through on the complaint. You could probably start with actually going to the store and asking for a manager, since she obviously was LYING through her crooked little teeth. I hope you got the bitch's name!!!

Technodoll said...

Oh my god how SHITTY of them!!

I'd lodge a major complaint against that bitch, I hope you got her name? She should be FIRED! :-o

Glad you got things sorted out, in the end... nobody needs that kind of aggravation :(

Jason, as himself said...

Uh, oh...I bought my new computer at Best Buy just weeks ago....