"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


what the world needs now, is LOVE, sweet love...

hello, it's me..... instead of my morning hot cuppa,
i am enjoying the likes of a bottle of diet coke,
on ice, which my boys have been begging
me for the last 5 days.
no, i say.
but mom, I'm thirsty and you aren't drinking it, they say ...
but i will when i really crave it, i reply..
paleeaassee? they ask.
"if you touch it, you die" i say.
yes. i am selfishly and thoroughly enjoying my drink of choice.
sans garcons.

OK. i have my panties in a wad. a BIG wad and it's interfering with my ambulating abilities. would you care to know why? OK, I'll gladly share with you, my deer lil peeps.

it's about Obama, the llama from anudder mama....

there is a huge national rage going on over his upcoming speech to our kids in school. a speech to the youth of America, for the sole purpose of encouraging them to further their education, set goals for themselves and basically give themselves affirmations that they can do whatever they set their mind to do. in other words, it is his attempt at encouraging our children who happen to be our future.

so i delicately ask..... WTF is wrong with that. why are republicans up in a tissy? do they really think this is an example of "brainwashing the youth, such as N. Korea and Saddam Hussein did?" yeah, they really said that. OH.MY.GOD. they are comparing a thoughtful gesture from our nation's leader to the brainwashing techniques of terrorists. waaaaaaaaaay to gooooooooooo people.

i am not here to argue the democratic/republican issues- there are enough people in the world to do that. my point, and i DO have one, is how obscene and debilitating is our country becoming when we are unable to unite on any front that is a positive effort to encourage our kids? this is not an effort to sway political beliefs on our children. it is simply an effort to encourage our children to be prepared for the imminent problematic state of the future. there are parents who are reporting they will not be allowing their kids to attend school that day [next Tuesday] because their opposition to the speech is so strong. but i feel the real issue is fear. they are afraid this speech will somehow taint the minds of our kids rather than give them an opportunity to critically think for themselves on how best to prepare for their future. and it makes me sad that our country has become so divided when the need has never been greater for us to be united. we are definitely changing as a nation, and i am concerned that incidents like this may stagnate us rather than move us forward. no one will ever agree on political, economic, and religious issues as a nation. to me, it's very sad, but that's OK. we are all diverse. BUT diversity should be a strength to our free world rather than a hindrance. and i for one, want no part of hindering our country. i am as open minded as i can be and if our president cares enough to encourage my children to do better for themselves, i consider that an honor. it shouldn't matter whether that comes from a republican or democratic leader. it comes from OUR leader.

"The Youngbloods" had a song called "Get Together" that is a fave of mine.... the song is from the 70's but the words have never had a deeper meaning.

as you read the words may you hear the song in your head.

"Love is but a song to sing,
Fear's the way we die-
You can make the mountains ring,
Or make the angels cry...
Come on people now-
Smile on your brother-
Everybody get together-
Try to love one another-
Right now..
Some may come and some may go,
We shall surely pass-
When the one that left us here,
Returns for us at last...
We are but a moment's sunlight,
Fading in the grass..
Come on people now-
Smile on your brother-
Everybody get together-
Try to love one another-
Right now..
If you hear the song i sing,
You will understand..
You hold the key to love and fear,
All in your trembling hand..
Just one key unlocks them both-
Its there at your command.
Come on people now-
Smile on your brother-
Everybody get together-
Try to love one another-
Right now..."


Mon said...

I'm honestly with you here. I think it's showing a lack of respect. I would have not had a problem with this even with President Bush. Couldn't stand the man, but that being said, if the President speaks to the youth of this country, they should know what he is saying. Let them form their own opinion. My next door neighbors are not letting their girls go to school on Tuesday, and I'm honestly not surprised, but I am disappointed. We can't hide anything from our kids, and I suspect this will be a powerful and uplifting message to them.

Tina-cious.com said...


And what's worse is that those parents who say they aren't sending their kids are doing it for ALL kinds of the wrong reasons.

Either they are relying on lies and fear-mongering as their reasoning or they are racists who just needed an excuse to hate Obama.

Here we have a President who was born poor to immigrants, excelled (<--- understatement!!) in his education and became first minority president and the 5th youngest ever to take office, willingly and without obligation, mind you, speaking to our children about making education a priority and these LUNATICS find issue with that.

It's possible it's time for God to send another flood.

I'm just sayin'.

C said...

right on, sistahs!

i cant agree with you more.



otin said...

People really have too many issues! Everyone has to protest something or another! We should respect the president, even if we do not agree with him!

Technodoll said...

People are morons, what can I say... Ever hear of these people?


Worse than ignorants... they promote falsehoods and the dumbing-down of future generations. Teaching children in school that science is false, there was no evolution and Adam and Eve is the truth?

Come ON!

Beyond shameful and embarassing :(

jo.irish.rose said...

well, i have a bit of a comment too, i think it is totally wrong of people to keep their kids home, they need to hear and decide for themselves what they want to believe. but...i DO NOT agree AT ALL with technodoll! where do u get off saying there is no Creator? our nation was founded on Christian beliefs...who is the ignorant and embarrassed now? ....exactly!

C said...

jo, i dont think you understood what technodoll was saying. she said people who believe like that are the ignorants. that the group of "creationists" are the ignorants... not you and i. reread it and you'll see. she is a nice gal....


Athena said...

I agree with you, and I LOVE that song. Great blog. :-)