"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


The King of Pop....

they say good and bad things come in threes.... take death, for instance.... Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, and Micheal Jackson. its sad about Farrah but i would say she had a pretty good long lived life, too sad about the cancer but at least she is no longer suffering. she gave it her best shot. ed, well he was just ed... aside from the publisher's clearing house, [which i never won and never bought any mags... which is probably why i never won] i always put him and johnny Carson together in my head, and now ed's with him making them laugh somewhere in the cosmos, probably on another inhabited planet. but Micheal, dear, lost, man/child Micheal is another story. i am SO very saddened to hear that he died. a few months back i saw a movie on TV called "the American dream" [i believe] it was his life story played by actors although the singing parts were all dubbed in as Micheal. there is no one else who could duplicate him. i loved the old Micheal, before he changed his face too much, before he was accused of being a pedophile.... ya know, before he got weird. i have to say i think he was a musical genius. i always felt sad for him, he was abused as a child, ridiculed by his own father about his nose being so large and ugly... to the point that he destroyed his face to as extreme as possible so as not to look like what his father used to ridicule. is it any wonder why he turned out getting all the surgeries he did? i think he had such a deep self hatred for himself, that it haunted him.... and eventually turned him into the modern day Micheal Jackson. i am so sad he had that kind of self loathing. its a horribly lonely way to feel and live. the music that came out of that man was incredible. i bet there isn't one person in the world who doesn't have a good memory that one of his songs reminds them of. god bless his tortured soul and may he rest in peace, where ever he is right now. his golden voice will amuse the angels and make them take flight.... Micheal was only here 50 years, but will impact mankind until we are all gone. his younger years music was just the best. i truly hope mean things do not continue to emerge about him. he doesn't deserve that. let us remember the greatness he once was, and just place him in god's hands, where he now belongs. god bless Farrah, Ed, and Micheal... they all made a difference. and i pray those each left behind will find comfort somehow. i found this one song of Micheal's that pretty much sums everything up about him.... and it really makes me sad;

"have you seen my childhood?
I'm searching for the world that i come from
cause I've been looking around
in the lost and found of my heart
no one understands me
they view it as such strange eccentricities
cause i keep hiding around
like a child, but pardon me...
people say I'm not okay
cause i love such elementary things
its been my fate to compensate
for the childhood
I've never known
have you seen my childhood?
I'm searching for that wonder in my youth
like pirates in adventurous dreams
of conquest and kings on the throne
before you judge me, try hard to love me
look within your heart then ask
have you seen my childhood?
people say I'm strange that way
cause i love such elementary things
its been my fate to compensate
for the childhood I've never known...
have you seen my childhood?
I'm searching for that wonder in my youth
like fantastical stories to share
the dreams i would dare, watch me fly
before you judge me, try hard to love me.
the painful youth I've had.
have you seen my childhood..."

how much pain must there have been in this man's soul to make him go from the first picture, to the last...? the self inflicted harm most likely doesn't even touch the amount of loneliness and pain he was in his entire life, and i am so sorry for him. imagine the pain of hating to be in your own skin....


otin said...

I am not shocked that he died, I don't think that he wanted to get old!

kimber p said...

I totally agree with the comment above. Michael is so very missed and no matter what was said of him, no matter how out of control freaky his looks became, his heart has always been about loving others. thats a lesson we all can take from his tragic, gone too soon life...

Jason, as himself said...

In any case, the latter part of his life was a tragedy.

J. Hi said...

yeah, he was very prevalent in my teenage years, it was so sad to see what he became

I hope he has peace now.