"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


Infantile Genocide

this post covers sensitive, controversially graphic material which may offend some of you.
please read at your own risk.

Dr. LeRoy Carhart is a surgeon who runs an abortion clinic in my little town of Bellevue, NE. i recently discovered he will now go as far as performing third trimester abortions, which means he will be willing to abort a baby as far along as needed, even if it is full term. i cannot fathom how someone can morally and ethically do this, get paid for it, and sleep peacefully at night. i hate that we live in such a barbaric, horrific, murderous world. i found this explanation of what happens during a third trimester abortion [also called partial birth abortion] on line to add to this post, but i warn you, this is very graphic:

Third Trimester Abortion
"In this procedure, the physician pulls the fetus feet-first out of the uterus into the birth canal, except for the head which is kept lodged just inside the uterus.
The base of the fetus’s skull is punctured with a sharp instrument such as a long scissors or pointed metal tube.
A catheter is inserted into the wound and removes the fetus’s brain with a powerful suction machine. This causes the skull to collapse, and allows for the expulsion of the fetus."

i don't know what goes through a woman's mind or what rationalizations one can make to justify this type of procedure on an innocent unborn baby.... a baby fully developed and nearly ready to be born..... i can only guess that discovering you are pregnant, feeling trapped and desperate would be a few of the deciding factors, but it's not the only way out. very early abortions are sometimes looked upon as just tissue removal as many believe there is no living fetus yet. however much i disagree, i can understand how one could view that as not being a baby yet. i suppose if desperate enough, one could talk themselves into believing just about anything. in my opinion, abortion is simply legalized murder hiding behind the facade of a "medically necessary" procedure. i say, if it isn't alive, then why do they have to kill it?

i think about the holocaust and the horror everyone realized once that atrocity became known. there were public cries for it to end, and millions of tears wept for the murdered innocents. the entire world was in shock, disgust, sorrow and in an uproar over the horror of it all, as they should have been, because it was a holocaust. a useless inhumane destruction and waste of humanity that i pray never happens to mankind again. without disrespect intended to holocaust victims and survivors, i must admit that i view the abortion movement to be within the same realm, with the exception that the victims are unborn. i cannot differentiate the two. every single person you could stop on the street for a poll would admit to how terribly unbelievable the holocaust was. how many of these people would proudly claim to be pro-choice? does not the same destruction of innocent human life take place in both events? if you say no, i would like to hear how you define and separate the atrocities.... because i am incapable of doing so.... in or out of the womb, murder is still murder no matter how you attempt to justify it.

people who live in my little town must drive past the abortion clinic on a regular basis to run errands, shop, or go to work. it is centrally located across the street from St. Mary's catholic elementary school. on any given morning, you can see protesters holding up signs of mutilated baby parts as they try to get every car to look at them, as they drive by. i find this to be so inappropriate as families drive by there with young children in tow who have to see such things. i wish the protesters would just stand in their silence, without the graphic display of horror they provide. they need to be responsible for their actions as the posters they display are inappropriate for many to view.

to those of you who have followed my blog for awhile, you know from one of my prior posts that i was tricked and forced into having an abortion when i was 14... in 1970. so i DO understand what it is like to live with that for the rest of your life. i want to say to anyone reading this post, if you are someone who made the choice to have an abortion, [be it early on, or third trimester], you may feel relief afterwards and maybe for a long time, but i say with deepest sympathy there may come a moment when it hits you.... that decision you made in a desperately difficult moment may come back to haunt you when you least expect it.... and it may affect you in many unforeseen ways. if you feel regret, it may feel like a slow death inside your heart and soul. i am so sorry for your pain. you are not a monster. you are not the worst person in the world... you are just a woman who made a bad decision in a desperate state of mind. i have been there. you are not alone and you can be forgiven. god forgives us as soon as we are sorrowful. it's forgiving yourself that will become your demon. if you find yourself in this position, there is help available. i know, as i sought help myself. it takes time but you can heal. you will not be judged, or shamed, or ridiculed, or questioned. these groups that offer counseling assistance post-abortion are almost always comprised of others just like you, who had an abortion and now regret it. if you seek forgiveness, you will find it. the hole in your soul can be filled with grace, and peace if you seek it. you can look up information on these groups in your area, on the Internet.

i just wanted to put that out there because many who have an abortion do not realize what is really happening, you are too caught up in the shock and trauma of what to do now that you are pregnant. it took me a long time to heal, and sometimes i wonder if i still carry shame in my heart about it, even though it wasn't my choice and i was too young to understand what abortion was when i had mine. with that said, not every woman will regret her choice. not every woman believes abortion is murder. there are many areas of gray in this matter. i am pro-choice, and also pro-life. i feel a person has the right to choose what will happen to their body, in cases of illness and such. if you have cancer and don't want the treatment for what ever reasons, then you shouldn't have to have it. where i draw the line is when a woman is pregnant. it is not just her body that will be affected by her choices. there is another human being inside that didn't ask to be there, who will also be affected. just because it cant communicate with you yet, does not mean it is insignificant. someone has to speak for that human until it can speak for itself. when someone kills a pregnant woman, are there not 2 counts of murder proclaimed? 2 life or death penalties to be decided upon? why is that different than when a doctor ends the life of an unborn baby?

we as a people consider our ancestors who sacrificed the innocent for the gods to bring rain or to keep evil spirits away, barbaric, cruel, and inhumane..... yet in our society today, abortion is legal and even promoted. how is it different now than it was back then? it isn't, if you are honest with yourself. the whole issue of abortion in our society is hypocritical, confusing, and an abomination against everything we believe in. the death penalty is given to those who commit murder, but it's only called murder when it's outside of the womb. i don't understand..... it doesn't make sense to me.

adoption is another option instead of killing a baby one doesn't want or cant possibly care for, for whatever reasons. to spend 9 short months of one's life in order that another may live, as an incubator..... is a very small price to pay for a human being that did not ask to be made or born. my two oldest children are adopted. i have thanked god every day that their birth mothers didn't have an abortion. they could have chosen to, it would have been easier, but the world would not have been the same without my two beautiful children in it. the joy, love, purpose and memories they have given me over the years are priceless. my two birth mothers let them live, selflessly, even knowing they could not keep and raise them. what a waste of humanity when a soul is destroyed before it even has a chance to get born. to know the abortionist in my small town will be deliberately murdering unborn humans in the clinic that i have to drive helplessly by, makes me hurt so much and find it so incredibly unbelievable..... that i cant express my feelings adequately in mere words. how terrible for our world. how utterly, horribly, inhumanely terrible for our world that this is allowed to occur.

legalizing abortion has been fought for by equal rights activists for decades now.... i do believe in equal rights for women and all people...... from voting to equal wages to life and justice for all..... what a shame that in order to gain these privileges, women have had to fight so long to accomplish the privilege..... but we have taken it too far when we have demanded the right to decide what can be done with a growing life inside our bodies, especially when the decision is death. that's just wrong, so wrong. as Mother Teresa once said... "abortion..... it is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish."

come on people, we have to be advocates for each other, we are all we have in this world.

peace and love to you.



Anonymous said...

I am pro-choice even though I would never have an abortion myself. I do not believe you can keep women who do not want their babies from having an abortion, but by making abortion illegal you just keep them from having a somewhat SAFE abortion.
BUT I was totally mystified the first time I heard of 3rd Tri abortions, even working OB GYN I'd not heard of it. And if any of the doctors I knew did it, they didn't admit it. THAT is horrid. ~Mary

C said...

i understand mary, and agree with you that we can't stop those who want one. i am hoping that by educating the general public about the procedure, some may think twice about going through with it. also, i didn't mention it in my post but realized after i posted that there are many more factors such as rape, medical challenges etc.. that are the motivators to aborting. i just wish it wasn't so, and although i didn't condone it, i guess i was able to live with it when they were performed very early on... but this terminating a nearly full term baby and how it's done, just makes me angry and sick. thanks for your comment! it IS a very contravercial
topic [and i know i didn't spell that right]. ;)


Clippy Mat said...

So brave but so true. You (always) hit the nail right on the head, right where it needs to be. I condemn the act of abortion but I do not condemn the person who feels compelled to take such a drastic action.
How can doctors be willing to perform the atrocities that you describe above?
It is truly time for the pendulum to swing the other way and time for us to think about what we are doing.

I do not believe in angry picketing. I do not believe in shooting abortion doctors.
I believe it is our duty to educate, inform and support those who need help before they are faced with a crisis.
I believe in people like you, who know from whence they speak and who speak from love and understanding.
I applaud your courage and honesty and I hope that people will think again because of what you have said.
Once again C you made me put my thinking cap on and you put your heart into what you have written.
hugs :-))

ChiTown Girl said...

When I first learned about late term abortion, I couldn't sleep for days. I just couldn't get the image out of my mind of the whole horrid procedure. Like Mary said, I believe in the right to choose, although I personally could NEVER do it. You know enough about my past to know some of why I'm so adamant about that. I'm totally with you in regard to giving up 9 short months of your life so that another can live. There are sooo many people who want to adopt babies, so many, that there is absolutely NO reason to not give birth and then make another family's dreams come true. I feel a bit of a rant bubbling up, so I'm just gonna stop here and say thanks for such a wonderful post!

jo.irish.rose said...

chris, toone, yup, you got another winner here. how truly dispicable(sp?) that procedure sounds. its bad enough on a regular procedure, but a full term "BABY"? lets call it what it is, fetus sounds so technical. its a frikkin baby, people!! the kind you hold and love on and kiss and coo over and say how cute and "oh, she looks just like you, and has your eyes, or nose!" not some piece of tissue. that is what you blow your nose on. or a piece of meat you get biopsied. we are talking about a real living baby that was kicking moments before some screw-off sucked his darn brains out! yup....her and i are related. she is my BIG sissy. I love her.

Technodoll said...

Wow, I didn't think it was legal to perform abortions past 20 weeks... how gross!

I mean, if you find out you're pregnant and don't want the baby, by all means hurry the fuck up and get rid of it.

But to carry it for that many months (six or more) and THEN decide you don't want to go through with the birth? Wow. That's just messed.

I've been very, very, VERY careful my entire life not to get pregnant because I would have to have an abortion (I don't want children, much less suffer through a pregnancy) and I would be terrified to go through this horrible, painful procedure.

About abortion vs adoption, I do not agree that a woman should go through an unwanted pregnancy so that someone else's "dream" can be fulfilled. There are more than enough orphaned children in the world to fill every single family that wants a child.

In fact, this whole planet is suffering from over-population.

Viva birth control!!